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    Hmmm...they almost look the same, but if i had to choose, then the regular Hoth Leia would be mi winner. Now if you include Slave Leia...there's no contest!!
    As always...........L

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    If you remove the vest you'll notice that Mynock Hunt Leia has been working out, cuz she has some serious lats! But the neutral pose of the Fan4 Leia wins out every time.
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    Red face cuz of jabba's Vulgarian Taste, slave leia shows too much skin ;P

    please, guys, go into More detail about why fan4 hothleia's hotter than mynockhunt leia; and talk, i mean, Type slower
    i am also definitely gonna get one of them upcoming fx7s, they look great

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    Well, I decapitated my Mynock Hunt Leia when I decided to customize her into a Bespin Escape Leia (this was about a year before the POTJ version came out). However, the Hoth Leia has an excellent face and detail work, plus her neutral "just standing around" pose makes her perfect to use for any ESB diorama purpose. The only problem with her now is that she's too tall, something I never noticed before the correctly sized Bespin Escape Leia came out. I would love to see a resculpted version of her come out who's the correst height, but other than that she's perfect!

    I seem to remember the Mynock Hunt Leia having that "I'm about to cry" expression which is why I never really liked her. That and the fact that Hasbro always screws up the face paint on multi-pack figures! So my version's eyes were crooked.
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    I am a non-completist, I would like to be a completist but the crud that Hasbro puts out most of the time makes me want to vomit

    I collect mainly what I like most of the time
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    My list goes back quite a ways actually:

    Blast Shield Luke - don't own, didn't want

    All New Likeness Leia - ditto

    Queen Amidala Ascension Gun - same thing, and I did find her.

    POTJ Old Ben (Millenium Falcon) - I use my '95 Ben, and find him a nostalgic good memory.

    Boomer Damage BattleDroid - I could've used Boomerd OOM-9, but I don't really care. I might make him.

    Maul Sith Apprentice (EU figure) - I have it but will be trading mine.

    New Luke X-wing - I have traded 4 of these away now.

    Y-wing - I have 2 vintage in great condition

    B -wing - I have a vintage, and even an extra Ten Numb

    TIE Interceptor - I have 2 vintage in great shape, and POTF2 pilots in each of them.

    ATST - I have 4 POTF2, and 2 vintage. (not to mention 8 speederbikes)

    X-wing (crashed - and rumored) - don't need them. I have 5 or more POTF2's.

    And the 12" list goes on, too:

    TIE Pilot
    R2D2 with Data Link (actually wish I had this one)
    Luke Stormtrooper (trash compactor version - I have the KB)
    Han Stormtrooper (ditto)
    Emperor - I have the talking one
    Death Star Gunner (I traded the 2 pack for the KB Han one. Great trade, huh?)
    Greedo 1
    ATAT Driver 1
    Stormtrooper (I did have one, but wanted probably 10, so it's better to have none in this particular case)

    If Hasbro is planning a 12" Luke on TaunTaun, remote controlled or otherwise, I don't need that. To me, my Han on TaunTaun is my definitive 12" piece - it's almost my favorite one, and it is WHY I started collecting 12". I have Luke Hoth with the Wampa - a reason for him to use his lightsaber! What could be more exciting?

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    The collection under my roof seems quite modest from what I've read from others over the years here at SSG.

    My son and I are far from being completists. We collect that which stricks our fancy. Mainly 3-3/4" figures but not limited to them. We have store promotional stuff, Hallmark ornaments, fast food giveaways, autographs, books, etc. Items are from the OT and EPI so far. EPII will be next.

    We tend to look at the collection as a time capsule. To enjoy now, but also to protect for the future. I've tried to instill in my son to play with care so that he may enjoy the collection at a much later date. Hopefully he will heed my advice and enjoy it with his children. How many threads in the vintage section bemoans the loss of cool SW toys!?

    We're trying to avoid that by keeping some MIP.
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    Like many of you, I used to be, for the most part, a completist (but not vehicles). My completist days ended with POTJ wave 1 (ChocObiWan, MechAniCh, Farmer Jinn). Now I just pick of the figures I really like, and figures that I think my kids would like to play with. Most army builders (Calamari, Gungan) and lame generic characters (Bespin Guard) don't make the cut any more, though I'll buy every stormtrooper resculpt they ever make. Resculpts I consider on a case by case basis, but I don't think I'll ever buy another Jar Jar.
    Thomas Lane

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    Red face bb: "Mynock Hunt Leia (has) that 'I'm about to cry' expression"

    she does? maybe with a lil pout? ooo, sounds kinda sexy
    more weapon swapouts: i also gave my 300fett a 2-colored naboo pistol i bought separately also gave my sote fett a rebel fleet trooper gun i'd bought separately (like the imp gunner, i woulda bought a fleet trooper figure if his sculpt was cooler )


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