it's clear that the majority of those who contribute to this forum are completists. all well and good, but what about those of you who, like me, don't Want to collect every last figure they make?
to begin with, which ones do you collect? (or, if it's easier to list the ones you Don't collect, ok, even though that'd make you closer to a Completist than a "discrminator" )
here's the ones I've deemed cool enough to collect (all non-vintage unless otherwise stated):
'79 fett
all 3 current fetts
'80 ig88
both current ig88s
'83 boushh
sote boushh
rocket r2
rolled-up droideka from r2 carrycase (is this considered a true figure?)
interrogator droid (from commtech dv)
commtech stormy
atat driver
tie pilot
i THINK that's all of em. i'll chime in later if i remember others