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Thread: Favorite alien?

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    Waitaminute, why isn't Yoda on your list BCJ? I pick him. For such a small figure he had an amazing amount of accessories.
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    I really lke vintage Amanaman, but Yoda is my favorite. He has cane, snake, and a belt with all that gear!
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    The reason I didn't include Yoda is that I'd intended to have a "Best Force User" thread where he fit in a bit better. (The thread exists now!)
    Have I even mentioned my own favorite yet? I'll check the rest of this thread and edit it if need be...

    ... and apparently it need be! I'd go with Walrusman. As a kid, he was the most prefect figure to take into the bathtub. I really dug those high flipper boots, and his hand had that new "sideways" gun pose that gangsta movies today feature.
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