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    Twilight ship.... now?

    Was anyone else surprised to see the Twilight featured so prominently (and awesomely!) in the second episode?
    I realize it might have just been a tie in to the movie, and maybe it will disappear soon. If the Twilight continues in the storyline, it had better be produced in this toyline.
    Because of limited space and financial concerns, I am limiting myself from collecting a majority of this line, however I would snap up a toy of the Twilight in a second, and would be willing to pay $40 for it, maybe more.

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    I saw it, and I was wondering how it was repaired so fast to be back in service so soon
    maybe there will be a few flashback episodes that explain how Anakin and Ahsoka repaired it and got it space worthy again

    sadly, I think it might be too big for Hasbro to want to produce, even at a higher price point

    It will have to play a much bigger role than what we have seen it done so far: just being a shuttle for Skyguy and Snips

    I would love to add one to my collection, but realistically, I don't think it will happen

    but one can always hope
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    Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the design. It just looks like an overweight B-Wing to me. Even if Hasbro made it, I wouldn't buy it.
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    i thought it looks like a bwing and a emperial shuttle kit bashed. i might have enough scrap parts around to try to build my own. ha
    and We're back in 3..2.. ..
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    I would buy it. Something about odd looking lumbering slow obsolete aircraft (or in this case spacecraft) prevailing despite the odds appeals to me.

    Kinda like the Millenium Falcon being "The fastest hunk'a'junk in the galaxy"

    I think this comes from reading WWII stories of the first few years, where the U.S. went through the same thing with their aircraft. They were out gunned, out performed etc. but despite that, with their tenacity and wits outsmarted the enemy.

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    I think this one is a nice design. I might give it a go in 1/24 after i see it in a few more episodes.
    It's nice that Anakin fulfills the navigator role occasionally.

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