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    Hoth Speeder Bike Patrol

    Well, I got the hoth speederbike patrol battle pack yesterday evening, and since I havn't seen anyone talking about it, I figured I'd give my first impressions of it.

    I like it over all, since I love biker scouts and speeder bikes, so this is an interesting variation on the theme.

    Good things about it: Comes with two bikes and too troops. Great for army builders (if you can find it!).

    The biker scouts themselves look to be a hoge poge of the saga legends biker scout (head cheast and lower torso) a snow trooper (legs, waist and possibly the lower arms, and the belt), and I think the AT-At pilot from saga legends.

    I don't own any snow troopers, but the shoulder/upper arm look to be a re-tooled version of that part of the At-At pilot anyway. Again, could be the snow trooper, but I'm not sure.

    The arms make him look kinda like it's the return of the muscle bouned figures, but aside for that, it is an interesting mix.

    The BIG down side with this sculpt, is that he dosn't have the little pocket for the small hold out blaster, and he can only actualy hold onto one of the controll bars. If he can hold on with his other hand, it must not be all to well. It's interesting to pose him holding the blaster (Can't seem to get him to hold the small blaster . . . but he can hold the standard one), but I'd have loved to have these guys be able to hold the controlls more.

    The bike is weathered interestingly, and is the same mold as the one we got waaaaay back in 1983. However, I can't get either one of them to explode, so I don't know if they just work harder than the old ones, or if they simply just don't go boom.

    If anyone can tell if this is just me, I'd be happy to know.

    Anyway, my first impressions of it. It's an interesting variant, but I can quickly see why many collectors may want to consider passing on it unless you're a nut about biker scouts like me.

    Also, I hope I posted this in the right place. I wasn't too sure if Battle Packs went in with the legacy collection or not.

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    i have seen these a few times locally...but they didnt do anything for me. I like speederbikes, but I like the regular endor scouts best still. The figures looked hoge poge just like you said. If you are an army builder or speederbike fan then these would be a must have. Otherwise..I can see why they weren't shipped in high numbers.
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    Yep. I'd been waiting for this thing to come out for quite some time, since I thought they looked better on the first pictures of them.

    In person, they are still an interesting concept but they are also just . . . one big dissapointment on some level. With just a little work, they could have truly made these guys awsome, and instead they just did it half butted. (Don't want to use harsh language since kids may read this, but I think you get the idea.)

    I'm really suprised they are so hard to find, considering how . . . I don't want to say bad, but . . . less than great the desighn of them actualy is.

    What's worst about them, is that I didn't qutie realize just how bad they were until I started trying to get them out of the package (TONS of rubber bands by the way).

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    I have this set, and I can't get the bikes to stand properly no matter what I do
    maybe Hasbro should start including some kind of clear stands to help hold up the bikes (and other things that float)
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    Mine both stand great. Though, the back flaps on one side of both bikes were loose. It's a little bit of a trick to get them hooked back onto the leg struts, but once I did that, they were fine.

    Anyone else who bought this set been able to get the bikes to explode?

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    I don't think they explode anymore. The Speeder Bikes from the Ultimate Endor Battle Pack don't explode and neither does the one that was used for the Comic Con exclusive Shadow Scout trooper. I think they've disabled that function to save on parts.
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    Wow. That's a dissapointment. That was my favorite feature about them when I was a kid.

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    They dont explode. I miss that from being a kid. Anyways, I bought this set for the bikes alone. The figures were a bonus
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    I like the bikes and the figures. They add variety to the Imperial forces on Hoth.

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    I bought this set because I can't find anything else. I have not taken mine out of the package yet, but I am thinking about returning the item. I army build snowtroopers so these would go great with my scene if I ever get enough snowtroopers. But I am not sure if I want these in the scene since you hardly/don't see them in ESB.
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