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    iTunes 8...Genius

    Well, I have downloaded iTunes 8 and I have to say I like the upgrades.

    Genius is a welcome addition, as is the new cover art layout/format under "grid".

    The HD videos format has promise, but I have yet to try it out.

    Anyone else using iTunes 8? Thoughts?
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    the iTunes store has a recommendation feature already based on what you buy and have in your collection. The Genius playlist feature will basically duplicate playlists i already have. i have to say Genius doesn't do much for me, and i've had it turned off almost since i upgraded to 8.

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    I really like the Genius feature. The biggest limitation is your own library so if you lack a particular genre or style the created playlist can be weak. For me the playlists created in Genius have been amazing. It really does pull together a great group of songs that compliment each other. There was on song (that I can't remember now) that generated a playlist that was just off. Nothing matched and didn't flow at all. Strange because I remember the song being common and not some bizarre off the wall track. Still one bad one isn't that bad.
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    They should get Wile E. Coyote to do ads for them.

    I guess the Genius feature will be useful in making a playlist if I want similar stuff. The alternate views are neat, but I prefer the list format.

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    I never turned genius on. I might give it a try.
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