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    I also saw it but didn't buy it (it was over $26 at that store . . . yikes). He looks a little bit small, but I suppose I could compare him to one of the realistic Jabbas to be sure. Then again, most of the TCW figures have been smaller than their realistic counterparts, so who knows.

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    so i picked this up yesterday and i gotta say i actually love the movable mouth on Jabba. the droid is pretty sweet to. really wish hasbro gave us the full dais though since they took out the Nikto Guard orginally planned for the set
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    I am not getting this as I'm not collecting the line, but it looks good-- if not a little small?
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    I am on the fence now about this. I already have the Sideshow Jabba and the Saga Jabba. Why should I get this one? I love the opening mouth feature. Hmmmm. Is it really worth the money?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarthVader View Post
    I am on the fence now about this. I already have the Sideshow Jabba and the Saga Jabba. Why should I get this one? I love the opening mouth feature. Hmmmm. Is it really worth the money?
    If you like the animated line, and you like Jabba the Hutt, then you will love this. It's one of my favorite recent pieces. He's actually in scale with the TCW line, as I watched the movie last night and he looks correct next to TC-70. He looks pretty great.

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    I have seen this set in a few stores now, it is not selling that well. If it had come with the skiff guard guy, it would have been a hot seller, but the droid is not as cool. I have been trying to find the cheapest price before I get it, it's not a set I worry about missing out on since it's not selling as fast, but I will get it.
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    I don't care for the Jabba, but his protocol droid is nifty.
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    I opened this today. Broke both of his arms and pulled a hand off getting the worm-ridden filth out of the package. Fortunately they just snap back on.

    I had no idea the mouth was movable! That's kinda nifty. I got this pack for $20 and I'm reasonably happy with it. Now I just need to make a space on my CW shelf for him. I hope we get Ziro eventually.
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    I finally broke down and bought this set today, because I have a feeling I'll regret passing it up whenever that Nikto guard is released. I'm actually glad that the Nikto guard got pulled out of the set, because this way I can buy more than one.

    The droid got kind of warped and bent up by the packaging, but it's not a big deal because he just looks like Jabba's being beating up on him a bit.

    I do like the Jabba a lot. Easily the best sculpt of Jabba since 1983. The movable mouth was kind of a cool surprise, but I'm a little worried that the soft rubber is going to start to crack over time.

    My only complaint is the packaging and the rubberband overkill. I thought I was going to rip the figure apart getting it out of the package.


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