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    Big Brother 2016

    Just one week away from this summer's premiere. Here's a look at the cast.

    Lookd like it's gonna be a good summer.

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    An interesting first week. Glad loud-mouth Jozea is gone. Really liked seeing him humbled with getting voted out. What happened to all of the bravado, buddy?

    Now if Paul can get evicted.

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    The paranoia set in early this summer.

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    Michelle has been under the radar for most of the season but that changed with this week's eps. Wow. Can you say a bitter? Because another HG took your man? Very junior high-ish, IMO, but it made for good TV!

    I have a different opinion of James. Went back on his word. Growing up, I was taught you're only as good as your word. James went back on his word. I hope the others don't forget that.

    Da'von is getting on my nerves. She needs to go.

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    Michelle has turned into a first-class basket case.

    Double eviction week. Should be good.

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    Paulie is a first-class douche bag. He needs to go.


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