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    Big Brother 2016

    Just one week away from this summer's premiere. Here's a look at the cast.

    Lookd like it's gonna be a good summer.

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    An interesting first week. Glad loud-mouth Jozea is gone. Really liked seeing him humbled with getting voted out. What happened to all of the bravado, buddy?

    Now if Paul can get evicted.

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    The paranoia set in early this summer.

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    Michelle has been under the radar for most of the season but that changed with this week's eps. Wow. Can you say a bitter? Because another HG took your man? Very junior high-ish, IMO, but it made for good TV!

    I have a different opinion of James. Went back on his word. Growing up, I was taught you're only as good as your word. James went back on his word. I hope the others don't forget that.

    Da'von is getting on my nerves. She needs to go.

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    Michelle has turned into a first-class basket case.

    Double eviction week. Should be good.

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    Paulie is a first-class douche bag. He needs to go.

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    Now it's starting to get good! The people are turning on each other.

    Glad Paulie and Michelle are gone. Meech was getting on my nerves with the crying and stuff.

    At this point, it wouldn't bother me if Victor won.

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    A HG finally made a big move. Kudos to Cory for nominating Paul and Victor.

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    I'm willing to bet that Victor will be America's favorite player and win some money.

    Victor's gone, and so is Cory. I think Jason made a mistake -- and $500,000 -- mistake by not voting Nicole out. She's stepped up her game in the last few weeks, and she could easily win.

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    Paul made a half-million dollar mistake by keeping Nicole, IMO. If she can make it to the final 2, Nicole has a very good shot of winning the money.

    I predict Victor will be America's Favorite. Nice guy, hasn't ticked too many of the HGs off.


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