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    More non-sports. Wow. My local library's telethon; it's the local singers portion (they're pretty good; one right now's covering a Stevie Wonder tune). Trying to raise $100K, and have $72K so far. I called in $40, and got a gift certificate to the BEST BARBEQUE PLACE AROUND HERE, with an extra bottle of sauce. Nice... :drool:
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    Who is George Lucas?

    That was the correct Final Jeopardy! question tonight (on right now, in fact).
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    And now today's George's b-day!

    This week, the family that's twice won on Family Feud has some odd members: their head person is a brain-muddled teenager, the dad looks full-baked (especially after some of his answers), and others haven't been paying attention to the questions. Currently, they are leading 263-0, though.
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    I'm watching the Indy pre-race hoopla, a skillet of cooking hash browns, and a skillet of bacon. Cheese omelet forthcoming!
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    A replay of the '74 NBA Finals, game 6. Bucks vs. Celtics.
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    Time Life's Golden Age of Country infomercial.

    Everybody looks like a goober, but dang it I like all those old songs my dad used to play.
    Much better than today's "Country" where the band looks like their last gig was with the Cure.
    "Ohh, maxi big da fish! Well dat smells stinkowiff"

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    TeeEye had a question in the "New Contest" thread about a country cross-over artist, and I watched a whole 70s songs 9 billion CD collection infomercial to see if I could recognize who she was! I've seen a few moments of the 50s artists one with Bowzer from Sha NaNa.

    But no TV on right now.
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    I'll go look for that and take a shot at it.

    I spent my teens in a little hick town, so all that stuff was the norm for me. I hated it and rebelled. It was literally like Foot Loose.

    Now with the American Idolization- pasteurization of Country, all the white bread corn fed music of the past is a welcome breath of fresh air...Hee Haw!
    "Ohh, maxi big da fish! Well dat smells stinkowiff"

    "No time to discuss this as a supercommittee.... I am not a supercommittee!"

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    Only CDs I seem to buy anymore are "Best of..." or "_____'s Greatest Hits" ones, or movie soundtracks.
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