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    Nope, VH1 trademarked that concept early on.
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    Here is my current 2012-13 watch schedule.

    • The Cleveland Show
    • The Simpsons
    • Bob's Burgers
    • Family Guy
    • American Dad
    • 666 Park Avenue
    • Star War: The Clone Wars (reruns in syndication)
    • Unsealed: Alien Files (syndication new)
    • Unsealed: Conspiracy Files (syndication new)

    • Market Warriors
    • The Mob Doctor
    • Revolution
    • Hawaii Five-0 (2010 Series)

    • Raising Hope
    • Go-On
    • Vegas

    • Survivor: Philippines (now)/Survivor Season 26 (when it airs in early 2013)
    • Supernatural
    • Modern Family
    • CSI:

    • Last Resort
    • Big Bang Theory
    • Person of Interest

    • Fringe
    • CSI: NY

    • Iron Man: Armored Adventures (Vortexx reruns)
    • Dragon Ball Z Kai (Vortexx reruns)
    • Yu-Gi-Oh: Zexal

    Technically I'm watching more reruns than listed above (especially on Saturday mornings), but I'm only listing the rerun shows that are "new to me" since I don't have cable.

    Shows that I wish I could watch, but can't because they are on cable (though I may eventually look for them online) are as follows.
    • Star War: The Clone Wars (new episodes)
    • The Walking Dead
    • Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    • South Park
    • Futurama
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 Series)
    • Power Rangers Super Samurai (now)/Power Rangers Megaforce (when it airs in early 2013)
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    Spike TV's sort-of Star Wars marathon, for much of today: E1, E2, E3, E4,... and that's the end?

    But I noticed some things I hadn't noticed before: there's that 1138 backpacked battle droid from TPM in AOTC , too; Threepio wipes himself off when getting out of the lubrication bath in ANH; you can quickly see Obi-Wan's ship fly off to the left of Jango's targeting screen when he thinks Slave-1's rocket blew it up.
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    And, the day after, Spike starts with E3, E4, E5, and... that's the end. So, watch several hours, perhaps for the first time as a kid, and be left hanging. Does Han die? Is Vader Luke's father for real? Who does Leia choose?
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    Right now, it's the live Rose Parade broadcast (they run reruns throughout the day after), where a soldier just met his wife and son (who thought he was overseas) who now get to ride the float with him. :salute:
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    New Face-Off season started this week and, if the first episode is any indication, the talent level of this season is going to be pretty amazing!

    Also watched the first episode of Continuum, which I didn't think I would like based on the previews, but it turned out to be pretty interesting.

    I don't really watch much in terms of new shows, but I am very much looking forward to the return of Walking Dead and Comic Book Men. Also, that show Defiance on SyFy looks like it might have the potential to be pretty good.
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    Woo hoo! High-speed chase, about 3 miles away from my house now!
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    Tru TV's World's Dumbest Drivers, which is hilarious and disturbing, mainly because this is #21 in their series.
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