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    Smile Star Trek Micro Machines

    I'm new here and want to start a petition to get ST MM's back. But how do I do it? do people just give me their names and I give it to hasbro with an explanation of how outrageous prices are So shall we start a petition??? you should sign it even if you dont give a rats *** about ST MM's, Were all fellow collectors here. My email address is You sign my petition, I'll sign yours!!!

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    I wish you all the best with your petition, but bear one thing in mind. The Star Wars micros have a fighting chance as Hasbro (which owns Galoob) already holds the master toy license. I believe they let their Star Trek license lapse a few years ago, hence the disappearance of the Micro Machines line under the Star Trek banner. Playmates, who previously held the Star Trek master toy license let thier rights lapse when, upon renewal, Paramount wanted the sky for the rights to the property. Playmates had enjoyed considerable success with the Star Trek line but felt Paramount wanted far more for the toy rights than the brand warranted, so told Paramount, thank you, but no thank you. They promptly signed with Fox for the rights to their new cash cow, the phenomenally popular Simpsons line. I hate to seem like I am bursting someone's bubble, but I did want to provide some history on Star Trek as a viable toy license and the particulars behind why that line ended versus why Star Wars ended and may yet be revived.

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    Cole, I've heard differently, I heard that Galoob's Trek license was not re-signed when Playmates DEMANDED to be the only toy company making Trek toys. By the time Playmates dumped Trek, Hasbro had bought Galoob and they weren't interested in Trek.

    I say, MORE TREK MM TOYS!!! C'mon Hasbro, make more Trek MM toys before the Federal Trade Commission slaps you with monopoly charges for buying Galoob just to dismantle it.
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    sovereign, dude, if you're gonna petition for Star Trek MMs do it at a Star Trek forum and not a Star Wars forum.


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