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    make figures of vaders apprentice in his different costumes from the game

    do u think they should make figures of vaders apprentice in all of his different costumes cos i for one would like to see the raxus prime one

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    So essentially another 2 or three evolution packs? We have the training, Jedi Robe and Sith Stalker there. But something like the Heavy and Light Training gear with Kento's Robe or Sith Robe and Correllian Flight Suit, Raxus Prime Survival Gear and Bounty Hunter Disguise?

    I'd be on board for that. I like the other outfits more than the ones already available.
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    I would much rather have other characters from the game, like Kazdan Paratus, PROXY, and Garm Bel Iblis. I never really changed the costume so I don't care if we get more of them.
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    i'd have to wait and see. my favorite was the Sith Stalker costume so that's the one I have displayed.

    i also would love to see Hasbro continue this line with new figures such as proxy, a more accurate Juno Eclipse and maybe even a figure of 16 year old Princess Leia, and of course blind drunk Rahm Kota.

    really would love to see them do up a Rogue Shadow and perhaps include an all new Apprentice (maybe light training gear or sith robe) as well as Juno (no jacket just the gray tee and correct blaster (DL-44).
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    i agree proxy would be a great addition i wasnt to keen on the sith stalker figure maybe a figure of one of kotas militia as well

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    I would like a decent sith outfit that doesnt make him look like an escapee from Hellraiser or make him look like he has just got his arse kicked, I love the Light Side version of him, I would like to see Proxy, Shaak Ti, an actual Jump Trooper with Jump Backpack, Kazdan, Garm Bel Iblis, Young Princess Leia and Older Bail Organa - Just to name a few.
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    I would prefer a focus on new characters, but there are definitely a few costumes like the Raxus Prime ones that I'd like to see visited, and the character does need a better Sith costume, his Sith Robes is a better look for Star Wars.
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