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    My Trilogy DVD Wish

    First of all I know you people probably won't agree with me but here goes.

    I think that they should release the origional trilogy on DVD indevidualy, so that it would match The Phantom Menace.
    I think that the box set should be abondoned now untill the Saga is complete, we all need to get out of the habit of calling the final three films The Trilogy and start to include The Phantom Menace.

    The main reason is that when I put my Star Wars DVD's together on my shelf I want them to match, I don't want the Phantom Menace on its own and then the final three all together in a cmpletely different package.

    First they should release Episode IV in a plastic case with the big IV with Star Wars in front of it and A New Hope underneath in smaller letters and a small collage of charactors as the picture, along the side it should have Star Wars A New Hope running downwards and at the bottom a big IV so that whwn I line them up along my shelf thay will each have there Episode number on them.

    Onto the actual disc its self, disc 1 should just have the feature film and various viewing options.

    Disc 2 should havemost importantly remastered deleted scenes, trailers, a documentry of the making of A New Hope or something along those lines and most of all lots of Easter Eggs!

    The options menu for the first disk should be the Rebel Fleet speading away from the Death Star with images of the film being played in the round laser thing on the death star and once you have selected your option it should explode and all the X-Wings fly over the camera.

    I can't think of a decent scene for the options menu of disc 2, the only one is the Lars homestead with the diferent options in the doorways and windows.

    What are you're thoughts?

    Of course it would be pretty much the same style for ESB and ROJ.

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    Nice idea. I don't mind buying them seperate, but I would like a version of the OT as it was originally and the Special Edition versions. The way it was before all the messing around is the way I grew up loving the film and would like it that way.
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    I would like the original version, the Special Edition, and an alternate MST3K track!

    And bloopers. Hours and hours of bloopers...

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    Well... you know...

    With all that brilliant data compression and multiple layering... It shouldn't be a problem to have the "Definitive" edition on the one disc as well as an "Archival" edition. Frankly... I hate Easter Eggs. I think all the material should just be in plain view. You're paying for it, so why not have instant access to it?

    I wouldn't mind the DVDs coming out individually. I think that would be a rather acceptible way of getting them out into the market without completely taking all our money at once.

    So, no, JekPorky... I don't think it's a lousy idea. I DO agree with you for the most part.
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    I agree with JP on the easter eggs. What kind of blithering idiot hides stuf from half the consumers who don't have a big round red button with a *1 or +0 or whatever. Just put the whole lot in immediate access if it's going to be put on the disk.

    I agree that they should and probably will be released seperately in order to reap the most cash from potential completists. then there will be several archival editions with the biggest being the deluxe box set in presentation package with glossy booklets and extra disk of stuff. Which will net LFL a tidy summ to fund the Howard the duckII sort of venture that Lucas will invariably fall upon with relish after giving so much time to star wars

    I want to see the original cut before they reshot stuff in the US for ANH. Y'know the original cut of the cantina scenes and the like. Maybe by then we'll have the option to cut our own versions from the disk. Mix and match DVD is what i want to see. Now that's a dream...
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    I concur with the last 2 posts

    "easter eggs" are totally ridiculous. I've been thinking about that ever since mortal kombat 1(the arcade game) came out. I never understood how having to figure out how to do moves(or in the case of a dvd, how to see certain scenes/features) made the game any better in any sense for the player/consumer. It makes even less sense if you actually own the game- the idea that industrio- collusion could run that deep is SCARY.
    I mean, making you waste quarters is obvious, but forcing you to simply waste your own time and electricity and joysticks to see the full extent of the product YOU PAID FOR seems really weird.
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    Re: My Trilogy DVD Wish

    Good ideas everyone, I agree with pretty much everything that's been said. As for the easter egg issue, sometimes what's hidden in the easter eggs is done so, due to the fact they don't want some young kids getting their hands on it. Like the beastmaster DVD that includes a deleted nudity scene in the easter egg. Other times, like video games of the past, some studios don't like to give the people that worked on the DVD's credits, so they often hide their own in easter eggs.

    Now, on to the topic at hand, the eventual DVD release of the original trilogy of films. Have no fear of the cases not matching the Phantom Menace case JP 2002. You will notice that they included a great big "I" on the spine of the case, as well as styled the artwork on the box from the special edition re-release posters. And even if it's released in a box set, that doesn't mean that the DVD cases inside won't follow the pattern of the E1 disc case.

    Lucas' buddy Spielburg who took some heat recently for his decision to re-master and re-do some effects in the upcoming E.T. re-release has stated that the DVD release will include the original cut as well, no doubt on a seperate disc. Hopefully the same will pan out as true for the original trilogy as well. But with the fact we didn't even get the theatrical version with the E1 DVD this is looking less likely.

    If they do decide to include the original version as well as special edition in one set, I can only hope that they make them 3-disc sets. Cramming the original version, as well as the special edition onto one disc leaves them open for lots of bad video pixelation and drop-outs. Not to mention the addition of audio commentary, that would be packing the disc way to full.

    The best option then would to go with either 2 releases, the original and special editions as 2 disc sets and have them share the same second disc as extras. Or on a better note, go with a three disc set and include the following: Disc 1: Special Edition w/ Audio Commentary. Disc 2: Original Edition. Disc 3: Deleted Scenes, Featurette, Trailers, etc. Do the same for ESB and ROTJ and then you truely have a definative set of the greatest trilogy of all time.

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    If you have a disc for the S.E. and second for the Theatrical, you'll need another disc for the revised ULTRA Special Edition G. Lu plans on releasing after Episode III comes out. Which would make each one a four disc set.

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    Special Edition should be scrapped...

    To keep things sinple... I think there should be the original release along with the FINAL version. Scrap the "Special Edition". As far as the original versions are concerned... I'd like to see ANH as it was originally released... without the moniker ANH at the top of the scroll!
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    Re: Special Edition should be scrapped...

    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
    As far as the original versions are concerned... I'd like to see ANH as it was originally released... without the moniker ANH at the top of the scroll!
    Won't happen. It's been "A New Hope" since 1979-1980. Lucas left the chapter title off it originally incase there was no sequel. As soon as the sequels were green lighted the prints all had the chapter title added. No sense in taking away the chapter title, and making it the only film without one. Since when we refer to Star Wars, we should be talking about the entire film series, not the fourth chapter in the saga.

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