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    Titanium Basestar Canceled While we were very pleased to see many new tools for Titanium Series at your Comic-Con display, fans of the line have had a bumpy ride lately. Hasbro didn't bring any new Titaniums to Toy Fair last February, '08 wave 4 was summarily canceled and supposedly redistributed into other waves - though we've not seen any sign of this is case listings so far - and until July many of the line's collectors had only the words in a few Q&As to assure them of the line's progress and were left wondering whether there was a future for it at all (we were thrilled that Comic-Con reconfirmed the Hasbro Star Wars team's commitment to this line). With that in mind, could you give us a preview of any new Titaniums being developed for the future, and what's scheduled for the first half of '09? We'd really appreciate it, it'd help sustain the line's momentum and build a collecting base. And will the Titanium Cylon Basestar you previously confirmed for the last wave of 2008 actually get released since retailer preorders are up to January '09's wave 6 with no sign of it yet the BSG license expires at the end of the year?
    Hasbro: Our line presentations tend to focus on the biggest sublines, so if we don't show something, it doesn't mean it isn't in our focus... just that we don't have the time in limited formats to present. That is the case with Titanium - it is a smaller line with a passionate fan base, so we are happy to communicate our "vision" for the line. It's our intent to keep this line going with as many new tools and meaningful repaints as we can to keep fans excited. In the first half of 2009 there will be 8 Newly tooled ships as well as 6 re-decos to keep your eyes out for. The new ships will be a combination of the new Clone Wars Animated ships as well as Classic Star Wars vehicles. The re-decos will help continue our fleet building efforts with new Y wings, new X wings and new Jedi Starfighters. Regarding Wave 4, it was a victim of the late switch to the new line look, and it ultimately did not ship. As the Battlestar license is up at the end of the year, this vehicle will not end up shipping. The Star Wars vehicles in the wave will be worked back into future waves and will come out in time.
    Ouch. This won't go over well, nosiree. What were they thinking? They had to have produced the dang things already, at least in some amount. They're gonna eat 'em because they couldn't shoehorn them into wave 5 or 6? That's nuts.
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    nooooooo! frakkin' no no noooooooo!

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    The thing that really fracks me off is that they confirmed it twice in Q&A's recently. What a steamin' pantload!

    Hasbro should have stuck to their original story (not going to make it) instead of winding us up like that and then not delivering. No way to treat collectors.

    Considering that noone saw any basestars crawl out of the HK backdoor, I think that they were never put into production. Add in 50%+ of China's toy industry going outta business this year, I guess the basestar never had a chance...

    Why did it have to be that wave?


    Could they be a little less specific about the 2009 waves? Thanks again, Hasbro.

    They wouldn't reveal much to RS, either.

    Rebelscum: will Titanium fans see these five ships/vehicles in 2009?
    Sith Fighter
    Naboo Yacht
    Republic Gunboat
    Asajj Ventress' Fanblade starfighter

    I and many others would love to see all these! By the way, thank you so much for all the new molds in 2008...Great job Hasbro! I would also like to know the Republic Carrier you mention for 2009, is that the CR-20 Republic carrier from the first Clone Wars animations or is it the NU-Class Attack Shuttle from the Clone Wars movie. (Heck, why not both?)

    Hasbro: We were referring to the Attack Shuttle from the new Animated Clone Wars. None of the vehicles you ask about are in the 2009 line plan, but we are looking at some of these as potential new vehicles for 2010. There are a bunch of new vehicles we'd like to do, and as usual, only so many slots for "new" that we will actually be able to do. In any case, we think what we have coming down the road will be very exciting. Stay tuned!

    Would have loved a Fanblade, Sith Fighter, and especially a Yacht. I'm moderately interested in the Attack Shuttle...
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    No Heavy Raider, no Basestar. Why even spend the money on the license? Hasbro should have bought out the master license and done both 3 3/4 inch figs and titaniums. I would have bought those as opposed to the Indiana Jones line. Plus, their pilots would be pretty cool next to our new Evolutions Star Wars pilots. I would kill for a 3 3/4" scale viper.

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    With all the money they've wasted on marvel, transformer, and Indiana Jones titaniums tooling (subsidized by all the stupid repaints we've had to put up with in the Star Wars and Galactica lines) I can't believe they're doing this. They couldn't fit one of the most desperately needed ships in the line (what are our battlestars supposed to fight?) into any of the 3 freaking (mostly) repaint waves that are out now? Bump one of the stupid pegwarming ROTS ships that were just released earlier this year for crying out loud. Have you seen an ATOT in the clone wars cartoon yet? I haven't. And from the number on the pegs at TRU, neither have the kids. How many stupid republic gunships (with a really dated sculpt) do we need on the shelves at one time? A green Y-wing, wow that brings back memories of...nothing.

    As fast as battlestars, raiders, and most of the vipers (until the 3rd repaint) flew off the shelves I can't believe they didn't put it into production.

    I truly hope that whoever is in charge of their titanium lines gets fired for all the failures of the last few years and the job is handed over to someone else who can manage it better.

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    Well this is a total bummer!
    I'm thankful for what I have that Hasbro has made in the BSG line, but like was said, these things flew off the shelves/pegs. The possibility of a big money maker is there.
    Maybe Konami will make a few of these BSGs next year. There certainly is a demand.

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    There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said, but WHAT THE FRAK?!

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    I'm still unhappy about this.


    Wish there's something we could do that wouldn't end up being completely fruitless and thus a waste of time and effort for everybody.
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    Doesn't Hasbro realize they could doll the thing up in fancy "limited edition" packaging, or team it with a couple of repaints and sell it for $30 and people would still eat it up (at least I would). I want my Basestar! I'd still buy one (and maybe even two) if they were "super limited edition" and selling for $50. Come on Hasbro, take advantage of stupid collectors like me!

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    I agree with you, Nightside. They've really been incredibly stupid about this line and allowed their BSG licence to go to waste.

    From what many have seen at retail, the BSG ships have sold better than any other Titanium line (yes, SW included). Hasbro's reaction over the past while: retreads, repaints, and very few new tools.

    With the licence gone, it's highly doubtful we'll even see a plastic bag special (like the gold X-Wing) at Toyfare or SDCC.

    I'd have loved an Ultra basestar, too.

    But what really fracks me off is Hasbro's BS Q&A answers... I mean, don't they bother to actually research their answers before they reply?
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