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    Preliminary lists for Vehicle/Ship Poll.

    First: NO new ships/vehicle suggestions will be accepted.

    Please look over these lists. If I made an error in placement of an entry, let me know. If you feel a ship/vehicle should be moved from one list to another, please state why.

    This is NOT the voting poll. This is only to check the lists as well as any broken links.

    I've separated these into the 4 sub category lists. However, ALL ships on these 4 lists will be considered able to be voted on in the main poll when we get to that in a few weeks.

    I further subdivided the OT and PT by movie for easier reference.

    Here are the lists (due to size of lists I will have to post these in a few posts instead of one very big one):

    MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) (TPM):
    Gungan Bongo Submarine (TPM):
    Trade Federation Battleship (TPM/ROTS-as repaint):***_battleship
    Neimoidian Shuttle (All PT movies):
    Coruscant airspeeder (TPM):
    Trade Federation troop carrier (TPM/ROTS):
    Gian speeder (TPM):
    Podracers: - TPM - refer to pic for each entry
    -Ben Quadinaros
    -Ratts Tyerell
    -Boles Roor
    -Dud Bolt
    -Mars Guo
    -Teemto Pagalies
    -Aldar Beedo
    -Neva Kee
    -Ark “Bumpy” Roose
    -Ody Mandrell
    -Elan Mak
    -Ebe Endocott
    -Wan Sandage
    -Clegg Holdfast
    Droid Starfighter (Transformable) (TPM):

    LAAT/c (Republic Gunship AT-TE Carrier) (AOTC):
    Geonosis execution cart (with orray) (AOTC): - AOTC
    Gondola speeder (AOTC):
    Padm้’s yacht (AOTC):
    Dooku’s solar sailer (AOTC):
    Rickshaw with Droid (AOTC):
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    AT-OT (ROTS):
    UT-AT (ROTS):
    HAV6 Juggernaut/Clone Turbo Tank (ROTS):
    Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (ROTS):
    Wookiee Catamaran Flyer (ROTS):
    Droid Gunship (ROTS):
    Clone Swamp Speeder (ROTS):
    Stass Allie’s speeder bike (ROTS): (we have her on an incorrect BARC speeder - repaint)
    Imperial V-wing fighter (ROTS): (repaint)
    Anakin’s airspeeder (ROTS):
    Obi-Wan’s airspeeder from ROTS (see above, in different colors)
    Wookiee escape pod (ROTS):
    Theta-class shuttle (Emperor Palpatine’s shuttle) (ROTS):
    Bail Organa’s speeder (ROTS):
    Techno Union Starfighter (ROTS):
    Republic Assault Gunboat (ROTS):
    Tri-Droid (Accurate size-LARGE) (ROTS):
    Coruscant Fire Ship (ROTS) No link given but can plainly be seen putting out the fire on Greivous’s ship as it makes entry and crash lands on Coruscant.

    Clone Wars Carton (Genddy Tartatovsky) CW-GT and the Clone Wars movie/new cartoon show TCW:
    CR-20 Troop Carrier (CW-GT):
    Asajj Ventress’ starfighter (CW-GT):
    Mini-sub (CW-GT):
    Republic Gunship with airtight doors (CW-GT/TCW): - could be released with different nose art
    Seismic Tank (CW-GT/TCW):
    Manta Droid Subfighter (TCW):
    Nu-Class/Republic Attack Shuttle (TCW):
    Republic artillery gun (TCW):
    Twilight (TCW):
    Y-wing (TCW) Now with enclosed nacelles and other armor:
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    TX-130 Saber Class Fighter Tank (EU):
    MAAT (Multi Altitude Assault Transport) (TFU):
    Yuuzhan Vong Corral Skipper Starfighter (NJO):
    Prince Xizor’s Virago (SOTE):
    Imperial Skipray Blastboat (stolen and used by Talon Karrde’s agents):
    TIE Defender:
    Uggernaught (TFU):
    Rogue Shadow (TFU):
    White Witch (Droids cartoon):
    Ewok Battle Wagon (Ewoks cartoon):
    Trigon-One (Droids cartoon):
    Sand Sloth (Droids cartoon):
    Banking Clan Ground Armored Tank (From Star Wars: The Clone Wars video game.)
    Trade Federation Gunboat (From the Battle for Naboo video game, and Starfighter: Crossbones comic)
    Scorpenek Annihilator Droid (From movie concept art, and the Essential Guide to Droids):
    Hyena Droid Bomber (From Star Wars: The Clone Wars)
    Coralskipper (NJO)
    Bes’uliik - Legacy of the Force:Sacrifice/Revelation/Invicible
    Ebon Hawk - Knights of the Old Republic:
    Raven’s Claw - EU - Jedi Knight II:Jedi Outcast
    Moldy Crow - Dark Forces video game
    TIE Phantom - EU - Rebel Assault II:The Hidden Empire
    Imperial Gunship/Dropship - Force Unleashed Non specific ship. Is this the AT-ST dropship that breaks open upon landing on planet?
    Chiss Clawcraft
    Z-95 Headhunter - really cool ship - easy retool of FX X-Wing
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    With exception to the last ship in this specific list, all others where placed on this list due to size. None of them can be done affordable at true size, with possible exception to the AT-AT. So this list was made to show Hasbro that there is an interest in very large ships and these are the suggestions of them.

    • Republic Acclamator I Class Assault Ship (AOTC):
    • Republic Venator Class Star Destroyer (ROTS):
    • Imperial Star Destroyer (All OT movies):
    • Death Star (ANH-completed/ROTJ-under construction):
    • Invisible Hand Separatist Dreadnaught (ROTS):
    • Radiant VII (TPM):
    • Padm้’s barge (AOTC):
    • Padm้’s skiff (EU)
    • Tantive IV (AKA Blockade Runner; Corellian Corvette)(ANH/ROTS-repaint):
    • Super Star Destroyer Executor (ESB/ROTJ):
    • Banking Clan Communications Frigate (Munificent-class Star Frigate)
    • Commerce Guild Destroyer (Recusant-class Light Destroyer):
    • Trade Federation Landing Ship:
    • AT-AT (more correctly scaled-at least 3 feet tall)
    • Sandcrawler UPDATED Fantasy (at least 2 feet tall)
    • SPHA-T (AOTC)
    • Imperial Assault Gunboat (Cygnus Spaceworks Xg5 Starwing) (very obscure ship, with no reference given as to it’s existence)
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    Imperial Sentinel Class Landing Craft (ANH):
    Lars Family Landspeeder (V-35 Courrier) (ANH):
    (Can also be a yellow repaint as seen in Mos Eisley)
    X-wing with callsign stripe stickers (All OT movies): - (use current mold)
    Outrider (YT-2400) (ANH:SE) (more well known from the video game than the Special Edition of ANH.)
    Y-Wing - new design - larger ship (more accurately scaled) with removable droid

    Rescaled/Resculpted Slave I (both Jango and Boba versions) (ESB/AOTC):
    Rebel transport (ESB): - (use vintage mold OR all new mold)
    Twin-pod cloud car (ESB):

    Jabba The Hutt’s Sail Barge (ROTJ/TCW):
    All-Terrain Scout Transport AKA AT-ST; Chicken walker ROTJ: (new larger mold based on ROTJ)
    Speeder Bike - use the AOTC Clone Speeder just updated for Jedi
    Jabba’s skiff - make larger (to comfortably fit all prisoners & skiff guards) and a better weathering details for a paint app.
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    So this brings to the total 119 ships/vehicles that have been submitted for vote.

    The breakdown is like this:
    PT total: 59

    OT total: 12

    EU: 31

    Fantasy: 17

    Again this is not the voting poll. Just the preliminary lists from suggestions. vehicles/ships may be moved to a different list if need be. All 119 ships are eligible for votes in the main poll when we get to that after the subcategory polls.

    You have until next Saturday (Oct 11) to make your case for a ship to be moved to a different list. As well to point out any broken links given.

    Thanks again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal View Post
    You have the Rogue Shadow listed twice.

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    There are problems with the links for:
    *Gungan Bongo Submarine (TPM) - the second picture
    *Trade Federation Battleship (TPM/ROTS-as repaint)
    *Neimoidian Shuttle (All PT movies)
    *Rickshaw with Droid (AOTC)
    *Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (ROTS) - second link
    *TIE Defender
    *Bes’uliik - Legacy of the Force - the first link
    *Raven’s Claw - EU - Jedi Knight II
    *Chiss Clawcraft

    The Multi Altitude Assault Transport, Rogue Shadow, Skipray Blasboat, and White Witch are listed twice.
    The Hyena Droid Bomber should be in the PT section as it's from the CW show.
    The Radiant VII is in the fantasy and PT lists.
    The Rebel personnel carrier is coming in a Yavin Battle Pack and should be removed.
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    Hey... did i just miss it or is there any reason a new Zam Wessel's speeder scaled so that she can fit in there properly wasn't on the TPM list?

    Also, why is Jabba's skiff in EU instead of ROTJ? There were 2 in the movie, what EU source were they in?
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    Quote Originally Posted by obi-dad
    Hey... did i just miss it or is there any reason a new Zam Wessel's speeder scaled so that she can fit in there properly wasn't on the TPM list?
    Well, for one, it's not from TPM.

    Also, if someone didn't add it last time, it won't be added. Which seems kind of odd, but whatever.
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