I haven't been buying many (any) of the Clone Wars figures, but I decided to give Clone Commander Cody from the second wave of figures a try.

I'll start by saying that I do in fact enjoy the new cartoon, and for what it's worth, I also happen to like the style of it. This figure manages to capture the look and stylization of the cartoon character very well I think.

Though simplistic, the figure is well sculpted. The overall paint application is decent, though again simplistic, but given that everything is neat and relatively error free, I think they did a fine job.

The build quality is surprisingly good with this figure. I was more than surprised to find that this spidery, almost mannerist version of a clone, has some really durable parts and pieces. The thing is very well put together, with some nice tight joints that enhance the value of its great articulation.

Just about the only complaint that I can think to raise, is that they may have accidentally reversed the shin pieces on my figure. But after a little boil-and-pop, I was able to set them right. (See the last photo for a comparison.)

As a result of its show accurate sculpt and well made parts (which it should be noted includes the accessories), I give this a very high play value rating. This toy is kid friendly, and to be honest, has encouraged me to pick up other figures from this particular line. Before this I'd only grabbed the Yoda figure, but wasn't impressed. Clone Commander Cody has far exceeded my expectations, and has reminded me once again, that Hasbro is capable of building fun toys if they really try.