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    I saw the first two but didn't bother watching the others because I heard they were horrible. With the fifth one coming out next week I wanna know what you guys think of the series. Has it lost it's sparkle? Still freak you out?

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    Actually, the series has gotten better with each sequel.

    Yes, they've gotten more gory and bloody. But the psychological exploration of Jigsaw has become one of the best parts of the films. Each films leaves questions which are either evolved or wrapped up. It's probably one of the deepest 'Horror' films in history because of that fact. I'd recommend renting the four that are out now and watching them back to back. I'll be doing that on Thursday in preparation for Saw V on Friday.

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    for me 3 nearly killed all interest i had in the series. 1 was great, even though it's chock full of plotholes and has continuity issues. 2 was for me an entirely different take on what's become the "saw" mythos (people placed into traps or situations designed to kill them or someone else, but with a slim hope of survival) which i enjoyed tremendously (its probably my fave). 3 was horrible (again that's just my opinion). 4 rekindled the joy (even if it did amp up the gore from 1). i'm looking forward to 5 this weekend.

    for me a great horror flick needs some suspense, some make ya jump out of your seat moments, enough character development that you can root for people to survive or get what they deserve. gore isn't necessary. some of the best horror movies rely more on what happens just off-screen than displaying all out gore.

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    Saw was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I've seen better acted high school plays.
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    I watched all 4 again this month, can't wait to see 5 !

    These have become a fun tradition for me and some friends every year.

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    I absolutely love the SAW movies. Best Horror movies since Hellraiser. For a low budget movie it hits all the right chords for me. Yeah the acting in the first was meh. But what do you expect from directors that act in their own film?

    I don't find them to be that gory actually. Its more about the tension and the spastic, almost schitzophrenic camera work that really gets me. The payoff at the end of each, you know the moment when you reach the realization, an enlightenment if you will relating to what was REALLY going on - classic stuff. Jigsaw is the way I wish some judges would be when they dole out punishment for some of the low lifes in society. Medieval retribution. The darkest corners of my mind can identify with him. And its a first that I've ever been able to identify with the villain in a horror flick.

    But I really need to be in the mood to watch these. I've bought all the movies to date and have yet to watch SAW IV because I know what I'm in for.

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    Has anyone seen 5 yet? I heard 'meh' reviews about it so far. High School Musical beat it out last weekend...

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    I watched the first 3, and just haven't seen the last two, but read the synopsis for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthNihilus View Post
    Has anyone seen 5 yet? I heard 'meh' reviews about it so far. High School Musical beat it out last weekend...
    It's a horror film. It's not a huge surprise that something would have beat it.

    $30.5 Million opening weekend is a huge return though. So woo.

    And it was pretty damn good. I'm still loving the deepening storyline. The exploration of Jigsaw and now Hoffman is what keeps me coming back. The traps and gore are secondary.

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    5 was great. i'll wait to go into more details til others have had a chance to see it. i know some are waiting for halloween before they go.

    it's a horror film, so just like in part 1, i'm willing to forgive the horrible acting. the majority of the traps are gruesome and bloody without being too voyeuristic with the gore. those that go just for the gore won't be disappointed, but it's not the prequel TCM or Hostel 2. there is a far amount of backstory and for me a successful attempt to tie the entire series together. it does manage to close most of the dangling plot lines from 3 & 4. there is enough unfinished business to be wrapped up for saw 6 to nicely close the saga.


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