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    Favorite Tarantino Flick?

    One of my favorite directors, there are a whole bunch of films of his that I love. What are your favorite and least favorite movies that he came out with?

    btw, did anyone get to watch Sukiyaki Western Django?

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    Death Proof.
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    The 5 minutes he directed in Sin City.
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    Someone has to say it so I will: Pulp Fiction because it's brilliant.

    Least favorite is the Kill Bill series. They never did much for me.
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    Pulp Fiction FTW!!!
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    Pulp Fiction
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    Pulp Fiction - man, that's a great movie. Lots of great dialogue and one-liners too.

    Death Proof - this one has moved to number two since I've gotten into old low-budget & grindhouse movies in the past few years. You know, the kind of b-movie exploitation crap that inspired this film and Tarantino's style in general. There's a great Russ Meyer box set out that I'd love to have if I had a DVD player that could play PAL format. I wish things like that would be released here.

    I still like the Kill Bill series. Very entertaining.

    From Dusk 'Til Dawn is watchable, but only for Salma Hayek's dance number

    Jackie Brown and Reservoir Dogs are good for a one-time viewing. Doubt I'll see them again.

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    4 rooms and true romance.

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    Jackie Brown, definitely.

    True Romance is a great movie but Tarantino disowned it, so I don't think it would be at the top of HIS list.

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    Pulp Fiction-Loved all the unexpected twists and turns.


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