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    Here it is- the Canadian thread!

    I guess we should try to keep this strictly focussed on figure hunting here in Canada. That's okay, cause as I'm sure we all know, that's just about a full time job(with the possibilities of no pay at every turn). Map wise, I'm right close to the border with NY, and the local scalper is both a longtime friend and a pretty resourceful dude, so I've got better luck with this than it sounds like some of the others here have had. We've gotta use this forum as a locating device, as it exists and so far it's been sadly underused. We can beat hasbros plans if we try, as it's been said (by Greedo at least) we've gotta help each other out. Micro troops- advance!!!!!
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    I am Canadian, hear me roar, eh.......

    Up the Irons.

    Fight the good fight....

    I'm running out of slogans....

    Let's get the little group of Canadian collectors on track.

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    Ontario, CANADA where there are no TARGET stores

    Talking Yesssss!

    Damn the proton torpedos!
    Throw caution to the Rancor!
    Put your best Fett forward!
    Onward Gungan soldiers!
    Darth before dishonour!

    If there are SW toys to be found, let's find them!

    All hail the Canadian thread. Long live the Canadian thread!

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    And long live the letter S!

    (sorry. i just had a really strong urge.)

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    Cry havoc and yadda, yadda, yadda.

    So, has anybody seen hide or hair of anything from the FX-7 wave
    or any other wave besides that?

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    No, just the 25th Aniv. figs. I only found the Vader/Ben set so far.

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    Im in like a dirty shirt ready to find ....... well anything!!!!! Damn hasbro and there I hate Canada policy. Im in British Columbia and nothing since Bacta Luke and No shirt Darth Maul. Sometimes I can get some good stuff like Biker Scouts at Electronics Boutique, they are just a bit expensive like 14.99. Hopefully with the ep2 stuff things will get better up here

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    Into Glory Ride!!

    The St catharines TRU has nothing after the wave with shmi in it. Lots of Bacta luke and Maul/droid, couple of ben/vader anniversary sets. Everything (including fx-7 , and eeth, and zutton) are available around here if you know where to look, and the prices don't end up being too high. I bought amanaman in town for 14 or 15 Canadian dollars(before tax mind You). If you need help finding this stuff, just PM me and I can help out a bit (especially if yer coming to this area, I can give you pretty good directions, or confirm availability of particular stuff just to save disappointing trips)
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Feb 2002
    Ontario, CANADA where there are no TARGET stores

    Wink Use the Olympic Force

    Go Team Canada! Finally got the Han/Chewie 25th Anniversary set at Mapleview Mall in Burlington. Hamilton TRU and Sears Stores were cleaned out of these before I got there. Nice to see Sears with some new stuff. This suggests they are back on the bandwagon for AOTC. Works for me.

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    stay on target

    Well Hockey wise we done did it!! NIce job , and a great game all around. The last post made me think- does it seem like any retailers might be a write-off this time around? It looks as if the local zellers are gonna be way behind, if they get into AOTC at all. There's still preview STAP droids available here, fer crying out loud.
    PS keep your eyes on Canadian Tire in sept or so- after TPM came out, they got their Xmas order before anyone else, and the figures were on sale to boot!!!
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.


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