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    Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen

    The teaser trailer is coming in the next 2 months.

    In May, attached to the new Star Trek, an extended, long trailer will be shown.

    The cast:

    Optimus Prime
    Sideswipe (silver Corvette)
    Skids (green Chevy eco-friendly van of some sort)
    Jetfire (rumored to be SR-71, might begin as a Decepticon and switch sides - combines with Optimus!)
    Arcee (3 motorcycles combine to form her)

    Megatron (might be now called Galvatron) - Cybertronian tank - same colors, not purple!)
    7 construction vehicles, multiple colors, forming Devastator
    Soundwave - a satelite, then a pickup truck, though that's denied
    Ravage - somehow works with Soundwave
    The Fallen - unkown (comic book guys - chime in here, please)
    Barricade? (nothing is known here, but it's possible)
    Scorponok? (we don't know)

    Jazz is not coming back. His voice actor might be playing another character.

    There are no triple-changers. They want to save that for TF3. Get it? "Triple?" That's so creative.

    There is some kind of transforming ice cream truck. There's no word on whether it is an Autobot or Decepticon, but it may be a combiner formed by Ben & Jerry.

    Sam Witwicky
    Mr. Witwicky
    Mrs. Witwicky
    Agent Simmons (Sector-7 was disbanded though)
    Leo (who was this?)
    Capt. Lennox
    President Keller (rumored)

    Fig lived through his wounds fighting Scorponok, but the Prison Break actor was not able to film for TF2, but wants to do TF3.

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    Well there's a great selection of both Autobots and Decepticons in this movie that could lead to a great action flick. Jetfire and Devestator are the 2 I'm most interested in seeing of the new robots.

    I didn't like the first movie at all but if they can clean up the overdone tranformation sequences, corny dialog and goofy side kicks/plot points I'll be there. I would like to think the first movie didn't exist so I'm going to try and go into this one with a clean slate.

    As for the Fallen. He was one of the original 13 transformers who sided with the evil Unicron and was lost into a blackhole in the final battle beween Unicron and Primus.
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    I personally liked the first Transformers movie. I hope this one is just as good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker View Post
    I personally liked the first Transformers movie. I hope this one is just as good.
    Then you are truly lost.
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    ROTF would have to be Dark Knight caliber in order to make up for the first one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    Leo (who was this?)
    Wasn't that the friend of Sam's that he ditched for Megan's Foxiness?

    I'm looking forward to a sequel, I've got some slight nitpicks with the first movie, though it's not from Transformer fanboyness as I'm not really a Transformers fan. My nitpicks are mostly just with Michael Bay's style, but despite any nits I still enjoy the movie immensely. I only realized on my last viewing that the Scorpion Decepticon survived, and didn't even take part in the end battle, so hoping to see that again along with more A-10 Warthogs. That was one of the greatest parts of the movie.
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    They got to have an A-10 Warthog be POWERGLIDE! He'd be an awesome, huge Autobot!

    Taking lessons from the Dark Knight, Megatron could come back wearing Galvatron makeup and say, "How about a magic trick? Watch me make this Camaro disappear..."

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    looking forward to a sequel, liked the first, wasn't crazy about it at first but then it sorta grew on me. looking forward to seeing the trailer for Fallen.

    i imagine we will se Soundwave in some form or another since we had Frenzy in the first flick.
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    I'm pretty excited for this to come out, from all the transformers present it looks like theres gonna be a lot more fighting and action. Hopefully we'll see more of Megan Fox too.

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    Triple-Changers... (from a discussion I was having with JT)

    Basically what I said was that all Cybertronians were multi-changers if BumbleBee could do a 76 Camaro and a 2009.

    It's just whatever they scan, within their size and ability specifications. Like we don't think BumbleBee could become a small plane and fly - but in terms of the movie franchise - we don't know that for certain either. But hopefully it won't get too far away from G1.

    But in terms of TOYS, it's a big deal if a bot has multiple alt forms like Blitzwing and Astrotrain and Springer did. That's a definite selling point for Hasbro. Now maybe in "real life" certain Cybertronians are better at it than others, such if Blitzwing appears as a character in the movie. The other thing is that the character would have to be able to fly in the first place.

    For example, if Starscream could also become a tank, we already know he can fly. But Barricade flying? It'd be a harder stretch unless Michael Bay just ignores all that. In any case, if Starscream does become a tank in the movies, it's already believable. If a TOY triple-changes, again, it'd be a big deal.

    Triple-Changers are really celebrated in the toy isle.


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