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    It's definitely a museum for the WWII enthusist. I could've easily spent the entire day there but glad for the time that I did.

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    Next Sunday, July 27, WGN is starting a new series called Manhattan, about the people who worked on the Manhattan Project.

    There's a half-hour preview program that's been airing heavily for the last week. I caught it and found it interesting.

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    I submitted a few more photos to NavSource for LCT 1071:

    And we just keep getting better on our website for the 416th Bomb Group Archive of the 9th Air Force. Too many updates to list. Please check it out!

    My new intrigue is trying to track down information on the German POW camp that was in my county and following leads about it that I've heard from various sources locally and online. I just wish I had more time to pursue this....
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!


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