I love the Typhoon (your pic)
I used to build quite a few models when I was a kid. Mostly 1/72.

If I had to do it all over again I want to do 1/32. It seems about the biggest you can get in model form and I already have many of the 21st Century Toys 1/32's you can buy at Walmart for $15. Walmart has an Eagle Squadron Spitfire that's currently hitting everywhere. Pretty nice for 15 bucks. I took mine out and hung it up. Need to put up a German plane for it to chase.

Some planes you just can't get pre made in 1/32 like the Typhoon, but can get in a model kit. Also planes like the Nakajima Oscar, Mig 3, and ME-110 are available. They're big but small enough to hang all around my room.

The airplane hobby can get quite obsessive like Star Wars though.