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It's cool to hear about the "souvenirs" picked up by your family members, EP anad Blue2th. I'm always fascinated to hear the stories around them. We have a Japanese bayonet floating around my little family group. As the story goes, it was acquired from a Filipino gentleman by trading two packs of cigarettes for it. No desperate hand-to-hand combat story here!
I can look to my right [looks right] on the shelf, and see some "bunker art" (I think that's the general term for it) of a large shell case (about 1-1 1/2" high, but don't know how many mm it is wide :metricsystemdropout: ... but a cheat by looking on the bottom reveals it as a 105mm shell case), with some style rifle shell in the middle, and various coins smashed onto the shell case. It's an ashtray, but in my house has never been used as such, just art.