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    How Long Did It Take You To Get In To Vote?

    This is not a political thread, so go into the Rancor Pit for discussion about the candidates. (Type R-A-N-C-O-R like the instructions say, and you're in)

    This specific thread is about our historic election with probably the highest voter turn-out in our nation's history.

    At my apartment complex, one of the club rooms is always set up as a polling place.

    I went down at 6:58am (polls in California open at 7am) and I had to wait in line for almost exactly 1 hour. There were probably 100 people ahead of me who were already waiting to vote.

    It even started to rain on us - but it was more like a few light sprinkles here and there - but enough to get the pavement wet.

    There were hot college girls next to me in line. One had a little poodle dog with its own drivers' license attached to its collar. (However, the election officials did not allow the dog to vote).

    There were a lot of issues on California's ballot to vote on, including 11 statewide initiatives, and at least 5 or 6 city ordinances affecting San Diego (like we had to vote on whether to permanently outlaw drinking on the beach here).

    Also, the election saw people in my hometown voting for their representatives in Congress and our California State government.

    I think it helped tremendously, if people had read their voter information early and knew exactly how they were going to vote before they showed up at the polls.

    We allowed early voting at the Registrar of Voters, too - but there were hours-long lines for people voting early even a week or more back.

    There are a lot of election-returns parties going on tonight, where you can go hang out and find out who won. The House of Blues here in San Diego is throwing a big one, with giant screens tuned in to the election results.

    My apartment complex is setting up one of the Rec Rooms with caterered food and drinks, so all the neighbors can get together. (This is the event I'm planning to attend).

    Want to make a LOT of friends really fast? A couple of hours before your state's polls close, say you're an UNDECIDED VOTER (even if you've already voted) - and watch people try and talk to you, buy you meals, and drive you to polling places. This is a great way to meet college girls who are volunteering on campaigns. Just say something like "I'm leaning towards ______ but I think _______ also has some good ideas I can agree with." Then let your new friend do all the talking! This really works. (But don't actually vote more than once!)

    Anyway, what was your voting experience like?

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    I voted at the county courthouse at 7:30 this morning, and only had to wait about ten minutes. However, by the time I got done a few minutes later, the line was to the front door, with more cars pulling in.

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    I waited no time whatsoever. I walked in, walked right up to the check in, and then straight over to the voting machine. Of course I went at 8:30 AM when the early morning rush was apparently over.

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    I voted last Thursday, and the voting part itself only took me about a total of 10 minutes.

    After voting, I spent 25 minutes begging the election officials to give me stuff to use at our school's mock election.
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    Well I spent about 40 minutes in line. Which wasn't too bad. I've waited longer in line, for less relevant things. It took me under 10 minutes to actually vote. Other than a couple of local things I had pretty much made my mind up.

    On a totally off topic subject the person in line behind me was a friend from high school I've not talked to in years. So it was great caching up with her. So good things happen when you vote.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LusiferSam View Post
    I've waited longer in line, for less relevant things.
    Like Star Wars movies and Midnite Madness toy releases?

    Nah. Who here does that?

    On a totally off topic subject the person in line behind me was a friend from high school I've not talked to in years. So it was great caching up with her. So good things happen when you vote.
    Cool. Yeah, there are a lot of young people turning out to vote!

    I just got done waiting in the line again. I just told the people I was talking to that I couldn't stay and had to come back and vote later. Hehe.

    It's still raining here and I can make friends fast by buying a few folks in line a cup of warm coffee. There's a coffee shop right on the other side of the driveway from our polling location.

    Right now, there was about 25 people in line - only about 1/8 as many as this morning.

    I came in for a little bit to watch some of the news pundits and make this post. Later, I will get back in the line again to enjoy the company of the next group of voters.

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    It took me all of 3 minutes to vote.
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    About two years.
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    Absentee, so it depends on your point of view. A couple of weeks...or a few minutes.
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    I did early voting last week and there was no waiting at all.

    Just curious, what kind of system did everyone use to vote? When I was in New Mexico, our voting was completely electronic, kind of like using an ATM. However, here in Montgomery County, IL we voted on large sheets of paper with bubbles that we filled in using an ink pen, then fed them into a machine to be counted.

    One of the weird things is that many of the local offices I was voting for were unopposed Democrats. So you basically either voted for the guy or didn't vote at all. I would have thought there would at least be an option for a write-in. That was a little strange.
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