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    Thumbs up Interesting custom on ebay?

    As crazy as this may sound, i have always wanted to do them like that. (full skeletons though)
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    Different I got to admit.I don't think I would pay as much for that as the bid is.The card is good anyway.
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    I want to use the skeletal remains that come with Amanaman for Aunt and Uncle.
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    If I want a chared Owen and Beru I'd just get some ash from the fireplace and get some ash and then get some bones from a mouse or something.

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    That's a great idea! I'm not going to pay that much for it, but if he offered them for sale for say, 15 bucks I might consider it.

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    I saw this one. There was a debate on it on the rebelscum listserv. The card is great, but the custom looks like it sucks. I too am waiting for Amanaman. And even if I wasn't, I for sure wouldn't pay $65 for that. .

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    I found another one. This is interesting?

    I too am waiting for the Amanaman skeleton for a custom as well.
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    It's probably the first buy off ebay for the guy who has the high bid 'cause only ebay newbies pay that much for something like this.
    But still, who wouldn't want a topless leia.

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    It is def. an iteresting and funny custom. I am just curious how many people actually e-mailed him asking for the uncensored pic.
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    Hmmmm. I wonder what Topless Leia´s 3D Play Scene looks like.
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