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    IM and "texting"

    Do you IM or "Text"?

    I do not, my wife wants me to start IMing. She says it will be easier when I am on the computer in the bedroom and she is on the computer in the living room?!?!

    I do text from time to time, but it is RARE and only when it is work related.

    I find the whole process a bit annoying personally.

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    Where "text" & "friend" are (n) & "fail" is (v)
    txtng is 4 loosrs

    I might occasionally send an IM, but usually it's just emails or [gasp!] face to face conversations. I really despise real time digital "communication." :getoffmylawnyoupunkkids:
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    I use text messaging a lot. I find it's one of the least intrusive ways to get in contact with somebody because it's just a short message that they can check at their convenience. Which is a big plus when dealing with pro-athletes who have very busy schedules.

    I don't IM at all, however. I don't really see the point.
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    i text often. any time i need to get some information to a friend or acquaintance and i'm busy or not in a mood to talk i'll send it via text. that way they get the info they need, and i don't have to actually talk to them.

    i have a few friends that i'll carry on long IM conversations with. much easier to do that way when we're all working and the phone call would be long distance. any of us can walk away if we get busy at work and it's easier than trying to converse via email because you get more of a real-time response.

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    IM is something I'm not a fan of but do use. though i only talk to about three people whereas my partner has a contact list in the hundreds. i don't see the point in it unles it's someone you talk to regularly and it saves money on phone calls to mobile phones.

    texting i do. i think i get a thousand free texts per month with my cell phone package so i use texts for brevity when speaking to someone on the phone would be a drag or inconvenient.

    i refuse to use txt spk though. even if it takes longer to type on the keypad i'll make the effort to write a full message and check spelling. clarity is the best option the way i see it.

    i'm not about to let any of these means of communication dominate though. even if i fear it'll leave me looking somewhat like a luddite. resist the laziness and inertia inducing devices as much as you can. if you can take the time to IM someone in the same house/office/workplace, you can take the time to get off your butt and go see the person.

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    I text more than IM, but that isn't much.

    Sometimes I am not in the mood for a conversation, so sending a short message can do the trick....but that is not something that happens alot with me.

    I do my best not to be dependent on my cell phone. Cell phones bother me.
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    I text a lot but it's mainly because, in Japan, your phone plan gives you almost no minutes with which to talk on the phone. Much like BigB I think it's just less invasive too. My phone vibrates when I get a text but it rings when I get a call.
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    I do instant messaging, mostly for work since as a social medium it takes up a lot of time. But for work stuff, it's great because you can converse while doing other stuff, you can compare notes on the fly, you can do a lot via IM.

    I employ texting a lot too, it's not as intrusive and it gets conversation started a lot easier. On Wednesday night I texted with Deoxy, my sister, and 2 other friends all at the same time while doing some shopping. Everybody could be doing their different stuff and deal with the conversations at their own pace on their own time. I don't like txtspk but my company has a 160 character limit so sometimes it's necessary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    I don't like txtspk but my company has a 160 character limit so sometimes it's necessary.
    But instead, then you could:
    a few
    words at
    Solution solved by solving!
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    IM'ing. My wife and my friends are all pragmatic. We don't want to pay extra for texting fees. IMs are free and we have plenty of minutes on our call plans, so if we want to talk, we can.

    My wife and I have the Texting jar. When one of our friends texts us, we have to put the fee in the jar. At the end of the year, we're able to get a 20oz bottle of something because people know better than to text us!!!
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