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    Most overrated actors and actresses

    Who are the most overrated actors and actresses in your opinion?

    Mine are:


    1. Keanu Reeves. Plays the same character in every movie.

    2. Dustin Hoffman. Never really cared for him except for in Rainman.

    3. Brenda Frasier. Just can't compete with the greats. Miscast for the Mummy series.

    4. Freddy Prince, Jr. - Has he done a good movie?

    5. Matthew Lillard - Ditto. (except Scream)


    1. Julia Roberts - Way overpayed for the work she does. She is good, but I have never seen her do anything to test her limits as an actress.

    2. Sarah Michelle Gellar - While not as in the same league as most super actresses, her parts have been lame and her characters all tend to be the same. Buffy is an overrated show as well.

    3. Heather Graham - Does good movies, but not that great.

    4. Jennifer Aniston - Her movies aren't that great unless you count Office Space. Just got lucky getting cast on an amazing TV show. The guys, plus Phoebe is what is keeping the show going and is the main reason for the success.

    What are yours?
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    Re: Most overrated actors and actresses

    Originally posted by SithDroid
    Who are the most overrated actors and actresses in your opinion?
    1. Leonardo DiCaprio: (AKA DiCraprio) Highly overrated by alot of people, thankfully the Star Wars fans are not one of the groups. When he was rumored for Anakin, we united and stated, "Hell no!"

    2. Keanu Reeves: Agreed he plays almost the same part in every movie that he is in. Should have stuck with his Bill and Ted type roles, then try to play serious roles.

    3. Arnold Schwartzenegger: Used to be a decent, when he was properly cast as the tough guy cop or killer cyborg. Then he went soft and started making kiddie movies. Hasn't had a really great film or a box office hit since True Lies.

    1. Julia Roberts: Only movie of hers that was really any good (IMHO) was "Pretty Woman" and that's not saying much. I never really considered her all that "pretty" either.

    2. Sharon Stone: She was great in Total Recall and Basic Instinct, but thats all. Everything else she has done, has been mediocre at best. I doubt if she will ever do another movie that's really good.

    3. Linda Hamilton: Was great in Terminator I and II, but for the life of me I cannot name another film that she has done. And now that the rumors say that she has said no to T3, she is turning her back on the role that gave her a name.

    Directors: Bonus Catagory
    By far the worst director in hollywood, who is very very over-rated for the crap that many call cinema is of course:Michael Bay. With films like Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon, and of course the horrendous Pearl Harbor. I can't see why so many people like him and his movies so much.

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    Lovely choices. I agree 100% including the Bonus category you added.
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    Chris"lobotomy" Klein and Penelope"horse face" Cruz

    Bonus Category: Tim Burton.

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    Actor - Tom Cruise. Ugh.
    Nice call on Chris Klein In the trailer for We Were Soldiers, I'm not sure if he's talking to Mel Gibson or the college girl in the car from American Pie.

    Bonus category: Steven Soderbergh

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    I agree with Caesar.
    I think Tom Cruise is OK, but he is not as great as some have made him out to be. Good actor, yes. Great actor, no.
    I am going to go out on a limb here and say Ben Stiller.
    He is funny, yes, but I think that he is made out to be some kind of comedy king. He is not.
    I love some of his movies, like "Meet the Parents" and "Theres Something about Mary", but I can think of some others that are funnier. For example, I think Mike Myers and Austin Powers are better comedies.
    As far as actresses, I think Nicole Kidman is very overrated. Did anyone see "The Others"? Then you know what I am talking about.
    I agree in that Julia Roberts is overrated. To me she is not attractive. She looks like a drug addict, with that bony face and skinny legs. Yuck.
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    5. Keanu Reeves
    4. Natalie Portman
    3. Haley Osment
    2. Sarah Michelle Gellar
    1. Any pop star
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    Chris Klein, definately.
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    1. Leonardo DiCaprio
    2. Julia Roberts
    3. Keanu Reeves
    4. Ewan McGregor

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    I've only seen Ben Stiller in "There's Something About Mary" and I thought he was really good and a natural actor.

    I have to agree with Julia Roberts, there's something about her that's just really borning.

    Also Penelope Cruz, I don't know weather it's just me but she always seems very wooden.

    The perfect example of a great actress is Cameron Diaz:
    She's natural, I always feel like sh'e making up the diolog as she goes along, she's versatile, I could see her playing any part and playing it well, she's gorgeous and she's got a great smile.

    She always makes the film hers!


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