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    jjreason's list o'stuff for trade

    Hi gang, long list of loose figures from all eras available for trade. I'm looking for a few odds and ends, or you could pm me to see what the (low, low & very reasonable) price might be for said figures(I'd encourage this if I was allowed to here - the prices are LOW). EVERYTHING is LOOSE (open), MINT (unblemished & like new) and COMPLETE (with EVERY accessory) unless otherwise noted.


    1. DK hardcover visual dictionaries for AOTC and the OT or incredible cross sections books for TPM and AOTC.

    2. Vintage Twin Pod Cloud Car, loose & complete in good shape (totally mint not required)

    3. Shadows of the Empire game for N64 (cartridge only is fine as long as it works)

    4. Storybook versions of Episode I and Episode II (soft or hard cover versions both fine)

    5. Blue vintage Leia blaster for my Hoth Leia

    6. Yellow vintage lightsaber for my Bespin Luke


    Vintage Bespin Leia (original cape but blaster is missing, tight limbs, good paint - some of the gold striping is faded or worn away)

    Clone Wars Figures (2003 to present)

    TAC Roron Corob (no coin)
    TAC Yoda with Kybuck (no coin)
    TAC Anakin with tattoos (no coin)
    TAC Woolvif Mon (no coin)
    TAC Snow Bunny Padme (from Target Ilum Battlepack)
    TAC Chameleon Droid (partially invisible from Ilum Battlepack)
    2003 Saesee Tiin (soft goods)
    2003 Mace Windu (soft goods)
    2003 Kit Fisto (underwater)
    2003 Yoda
    2003 Obi Wan Kenobi
    2003 Anakin Skywalker
    2003 Deluxe Destroyer Droid Launcher with standing & rolling Destroyers
    2003 Deluxe Jedi Knight Army 3 pack
    2003 Deluxe Clone Army 3 pack - all white
    2003 Deluxe Clone Army 3 pack - 2 white 1 blue
    2003 Deluxe Clone Army 3 pack - 2 white 1 red
    2003 Deluxe Clone Army 3 pack - 2 white 1 yellow
    2003 Deluxe Clone Army 3 pack - 2 white 1 green
    2003 Clonetrooper from Target 2 pack (all white)
    2003 Clonetrooper from Target 2 pack (white with yellow)
    2003 Clonetrooper from Target 2 pack (white with blue)
    2003 Deluxe Clonetrooper on Speeder Bike

    POTF2 Expanded Universe & Shadows of the Empire

    Darktrooper (actually TAC version with 2007 stamp, no coin)
    Luke Dark Jedi (with cardback, never opened into backdrop)
    Grand Admiral Thrawn (with cardback, never opened into backdrop)
    Spacetrooper (with cardback, never opened into backdrop)
    Kyle Katarn (with cardback, never opened into backdrop)
    Mara Jade (with cardback, never opened into backdrop)

    SOTE Dash Rendar
    SOTE Chewie as Snoova
    SOTE Luke in Imperial Guard Disguise
    SOTE Prince Xizor (single carded figure)
    SOTE Prince Xizor (from 2 pack with Darth Vader)

    Other Figures

    POTF2 Bossk (from TRU 4 pack, slight color difference)
    POTF2 Luke on Hoth (from TRU 4 pack)
    POTJ Saesee Tiin (from TRU 4 pack, slight repaint to back of head)
    Saga/AOTC Plo Koon (from TRU 4 pack)
    POTF2 Nikto Guard (from TRU 4 pack, black weapon)
    POTF2 Barada Guard (from TRU 4 pack, black weapon)
    POTF2 Klaatu Guard (from TRU 4 pack, black weapon)
    POTJ 300th Boba Fett (from TRU 4 pack)

    Kashyyyk Clonetrooper from Order 66 pack
    EPIII Spinning Attack Yoda (from Order 66 pack)
    Tsui Choi (exclusive small Jedi from Order 66 pack wave 2)

    Droid Factory Plo Koon
    Droid Factory Kit Fisto
    Droid Factory R2-T0 (blue with green from Watto 2 pack)
    Droid Factory Darth Vader

    Comic Pack Baron Fel
    Comic Pack ARC Trooper Alpha
    Comic Pack Carnor Jax (black visor - online exclusive version)
    Comic Pack Kir Canos (black visor - online exclusive version)
    Comic Pack Padawan Anakin Skywalker (from Assassin Droid 2 pack)
    Comic Pack Commander Keller
    Comic Pack Quinlan Vos

    TAC Pre-Cyborg Grievous (no coin)
    TAC Rebel Vanguard (no coin)
    TAC Hawkbat Battalion Clone (no coin)
    TAC Darth Revan (no coin)
    TAC Darth Malak (no coin)
    TFU Juno Eclipse (no coin)
    TFU EVO Trooper (no coin)
    Sith Evolutions Darth Maul
    Sith Evolutions Darth Bane
    Sith Evolutions Darth Nihilus
    Fett Evolutions Mandalore

    Vehicles & Playsets

    POTJ Aurra Sing on exclusive Swoop Bike (from TRU 4 pack)
    SOTE Swoop Bike with exclusive driver/pilot figure
    POTF2 Hoth Playset
    Clone Wars Geonosian Fighter with Exclusive Geonosian Pilot
    Clone Wars Hailfire Droid
    EPIII Mustafar Playset (figures not included)

    Star Wars Comic Books

    Please PM with your want list, I have many Marvel and Dark Horse issues & complete sets. I'm a collector, most are in Near Mint condition but I'll be very honest about any flaws that would be present on some of the Marvel issues.


    Vintage GI Joe Ripcord (no file card)

    Please PM me with any questions or trade requests as I might not check this thread as often as I should. Thanks for looking.

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    I happen to have an AOTC Incredible Cross Sections that I've never opened, I may have TPM as well. I have my eye on Baron Fel, Juno Eclipse, Revan, Aurra Sing on bike, the Hoth playset, and the Carnor Jax/Kir Kanos figs. That's not a "gimme all that" list, we can work it out.
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