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Thread: Lott Dodd?

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    Lott Dodd?

    What ever happened to this guy? Wasn't he suppose to get a figure?

    With all the Nute's sitting around a TRU (approx. 100 in the Orlando area), I guess I could customize one.
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    Funny you should mention Nute sitting around. It was that exact reason why Lott was never released. The prototype got pretty far along, so its still possible he could show up later on though.

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    Once again I thank you for your valued info. I know I read about this stuff, but as time moves along, not all info. returns so easily.
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    Hopefully he is scheduled later for this year.
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    Yes, I would really like to get Lott Dodd. He is a really great looking figure. They have all of the prototype work done.
    There are 100's of Nutes here on the pegs at all the Toys R Us in Tampa too.

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    I would really like a Lot Dodd figure.

    And a Tey How figure...

    And a Rep Teers figure...


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