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    My step mom passed away

    This afternoon, I got a call from my brother, Dan, while I was at work. He called to inform me that my stepmom, Bunny, had passed away. My father, Barry Sr. and Bunny got married in 1977, the samer year ANH came out, before it was ANH. They worked together at their own business for many years, then in 1984 they worked for fingerhut. I didn't know how I would feel with the passing of a step parent, but it hurts just the same. Bunny had been part of my life through my Junior High, and High School years, as well as the many visits I would take over the years up North to see my parents. I last saw Bunny at my Wedding in June of this last year. She was a little shaky when she stood, but otherwise happy. I am attaching a few pictures of Bunny that I have.

    The first is my Bunny, my father, and my son from about 6 years ago

    The second is from around 1979 when I graduated from Junior high

    The third is My Uncles and Aunt's and mt self, my step mom is seated front row to the right, and my dad is standing behind her second row right.

    The fourth and fifth pics are from my wedding, myself and Robin standing with my parents.
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    That's too bad, Barry. Sorry about your loss.
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    Sorry about your loss Barry. May she R.I.P.
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    I'm sorry to hear that, Barry. My condolences.
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    My sympathies for your loss Barry.

    Your middle school pic is sweet... Nice 'do.
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    Sorry to hear of your loss Barry.

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    I'm very sorry to hear about your step mother Barry.
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    Sorry for your loss, Barry
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    We talked on the phone. You have my sympathies. My family is waiting for my grandma to pass right now. She is being relocated to hospice care today.

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    From your words and pictures she seemed a sweet lady who will be missed.


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