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    Thumbs up 3 3/4 format figures?

    Why don't we see more 3 3/4 size toys lines out there? Arguably, the two most popular toys lines out there are 3 3/4( SW and Joe) . Sure we had some but I don't mean the glut of knock-offs when they were in their hey day either. Can you remember Black Hole, Battlestar Gallactica, Buck Rogers or Sgt. Rock and The Corps?? They had a few nice figures( Twikki or Daggit) but most were crapola! Before that you had Comic Action Heroes which were nice but lacking detail. In between all that you had the first Indy line that stood on it's own. But what else?? None that readily come to mind other than what was already mentioned. What we have now are a glut of 5-7 inchers out there that are like that to just continue the trend. Joe and SW have shown that you can pack all the detail, action features, sculpting into a small scale with a comparable price point and with the 3 3/4 line you can throw in double the vehicles that you would have in a 5-7 inch line. Is it a industry decision to keep up with the larger lines? Imagine if another Comic Action Heroes line was done today( not the DC Direct crapola that is out now) with all of the same liscenses that the line had in the 70's. It has the wide character pool to draw from that a 3 3/4 would need. Heck it's almost an endless supply. Imagine hero/villan two packs from any company out there. What about Indy in 3 3/4 again for the new movie and all the past ones. That also has a great pool to draw from. I hope that is the route for the new Indy line and I have seen other posts that support that view.
    So what are your ideas for a 3 3/4 line and why do you think that this format is not that popular and arguments for it.
    My choices for 3 3/4:
    Indiana Jones- both the upcoming movie and all the old ones
    JLA- superheroes need to be done in a scale where you can have lots of them and always have new ones.
    Avengers- see above
    Wrestlers- see above
    What are yours?
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    I think besides being harder to sculpt, the size is too small for most kids, it's not much fun and it seems like less value. The 3 3/4" scale was created to be supported by vehicles, something that's not as easy to do with 5" and above. I think 4 1/2" (Batman, Playmates' Star Trek line) to 6" (Spider-Man Classics) is the right size for action figures.
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