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    That shot's scaling is kinda wonky, the droids in the foreground shouldn't be the same focus as the Vulture Droid standing right behind it, the shadowing of the BD in the background shouldn't be so minimalist if it's next to any of those VDs. I blame CGI.
    Indeed . . . the ones in the background look significantly smaller - maybe due to perspective issues. I somehow never realized they were that tall, though. I must have just been comparing them to the foreground battle droids.
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    When you see it full motion, it's easier to get the size of them.
    I ripped the small scene, but because of the clarity drop on Youtube, i also uploaded the AVI file to Rapidshare(If clicking the link gives you a page of gibberish, copy and paste the link back into your browser bar). It's far better than viewing it on YouTube, and you can see more.
    I took the liberty of making the scene on a five times loop for clarity. You will notice that a couple of the Vultures can be seen to be fairly close to Battle Droids, giving a semi-accurate gauge of the scale. And you will also notice that at the end, as the Radiant is landing, a Vulture approaching from the left of screen.
    I think you guys see what i mean when i say that if the new toy IS in scale with figures, it will be MASSIVE... And if it has transformable articulation!!!! I don't know about you, but i will be very happy!!!
    It's not as big as the TRU Vulture store display i have in my possession, but closer to the scales i normally work in...

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    The video is not working anymore, but at any rate, I got this today and I love it. I'd say its about twice the size of the original one, or bigger. It really looks great, transforms well, has a pop-up head, and shoots two missiles (those on the wings just clip on there). There's no real weathering but the paint is done in a way to look like the ship is a little battle-worn, so it works well enough. I can't wait to get the TPM version, whenever they decide to go with that.
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    Can't wait to get my hands on one.
    Looks like they're hitting the mountain states. Going to have go a hunting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bar View Post
    Got any pics?
    I took some per your request. The first two are comparisons between the new one and the 1999 transforming one. (I guess it's not quite twice as big, but almost.) Then you can see it next to a realistic Legends battle droid and the animated Anakin and Ahsoka for scale. Then it's a flight mode comparison between this and the ROTS version, and then Ventress gets away!
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    Very nice!
    Thanks for those!
    So, how long is it in flying cnfiguration? About 14 inches?

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    It's actually almost exactly 12".

    I should also probably mention that setting it up in walking mode can take a bit of work. It looks great once you get it how you want, but the several joints in the wings mean that it can easily come out of alignment or fall over when you're setting it up. When you get it in a good pose, though, it stands up fine. Also, you can move the head from side to side when it's popped up (like in ROTS), but it's pretty stiff and I'm worried I might break it if I do it too much more. Otherwise, it's a pretty great item.
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    Thanks for the info and the pics!

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    Cool shots. Can the head swing further forward? In the movie, the head is over the front half of the body, this is the middle.

    I'm a little annoyed that the wings can't close fully like they did in Ep 1.

    Yak put up some of their own pics, but they didn't rotate the body for walker mode:
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