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    Super Vulture Droid

    This is no doubt the Hyena Droid Bomber.

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    Entertainment Earth has it listed now,

    Star Wars Clone Wars Super Vulture Droid Vehicle Description:

    * As seen in The Clone Wars!
    * Seating for figures!
    * Amazing fun!

    War wages across the galaxy, so you're going to need a good ride to keep you safe! The Separatist Army developed the Super Vulture Droid for General Grievous' elite droid army to travel through space! Specially designed for your animated Clone Wars figures, this amazing vehicle is going to open up new avenues in the world of genetic engineering versus cybernetics. Figure not included.

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    Strange, but interesting . . . I wonder when it will appear in the show?
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    sounds cool. I like clone vehicles more though, so i may skip it

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    Clones need something to shoot at. I think the name Hyena Droid didn't really fit, but this name is a tad too lazy.
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    sounds interesting, wonder when we might see some pics.
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    Hopefully soon, if not then probably Toy Fair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Droid View Post
    Hopefully soon, if not then probably Toy Fair.
    BBTS says it's coming out in december and EE says feb. (we all know about release dates though) but hopefully we'll see it before toyfair.

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    so, this isn't the vulture droid that Assaj Ventress jumped on after losing her battle with Obi Wan on the bridge at the Monastery on Teth in the CW movie?

    that vulture droid was big enough for a passenger, right?

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    I don't think she got in it, just rode on top.

    I still think it's the same thing as the Hyena Droid Bomber that Lego's releasing.


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