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Thread: 2002 Movies

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    Signs, although I don't rate Mel Gibson, and this should've been set in Wiltshire, UK, I still am looking forward to it.

    Goes without saying; LOTR and SW2


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    I knew about the JFK thing Wolfwood, I just didn't feel like posting it.
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    Catch Me if you Can comes out this year? I didn't even think they had started shooting yet.

    Run Ronnie Run!!! What's the hold up?? They are releasing the entire series on DVD in April (supposedly)!! Yayy!

    Lilo and Stitch looks like it might be fun.

    Orang County sucked compared to his first film (Zero Effect)

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    The really cool thing about Catch Me If You Can is it's the only thing standing between us and Indiana Jones IV!!!! Stevie said once he was done with it, he was devoting all his effort to Indy! Hooray!:happy:

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    Catch Me If You Can is expected to be released late this year. I can't remember where it was on our preliminary release chart at AMC--the managers just put up a listing though Christmas.

    Looks like it'll be another 2-movie Spielberg year (Much like 1993--JP and Schindler). I believe Minority Report is all but wrapped now, and it's just effects and reshoots. That gives Spielberg 10 months to complete Catch, a relatively low-on-special-effects flick.

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    My 1200th post!

    '97 was also a Speilberg double-bill. Amistad and Lost World. I guess if he gets CMIYC out before the end of the year it might be an Oscar darling. But it will be up against The Two Towers and it's 15 nominations!

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    Originally posted by SithDroid
    13. Powerpuff Girls Movie (I like this show, you got a problem with that?)
    Yes, I do got a problem with that. aarrrr

    Here's my list:
    Spider Man
    The Two Towers
    Bond 20
    Star Trek
    Scooby Doo
    Austin Powers 3
    MIB II
    K-19: The Widowmaker

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    Exclamation !!!

    Oh yeah! I also want to see Ice Age. I dunno, it looks good.
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    Let's not forget "Jason X!"
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    Originally posted by Wolfwood319
    Let's not forget "Jason X!"
    New Line Cinema Exhibitor Relations


    The year is 2455. The place is Old Earth. Once the shimmering blue jewel of the galaxy, Old Earth is now a contaminated planet abandoned for centuries -- a brown world of violent storms, toxic landmasses and poisonous seas. Yet humans have returned to the deadly place that they once fled. Not to live, but to research the ancient rusting artifacts of the bygone civilizations that caused this enormous environmental disaster. And little does the most recent landing party of intrepid young explorers realize the fate that awaits them. Jason X is the tenth film in the classic Friday the 13thserie, one of the most prolific, enduring and successful horror series in the history of motion pictures.

    Directed by Jim Isaac, the film is a Sean Cunningham presentation produced by Noel J. Cunningham. Written by Todd Farmer, the film stars Kane Hodder as Jason Vorhees.

    JASON X opens at theatres on April 26th.

    Just thought you guys needed a good laugh--Rollo.


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