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    Most Wanted Vehicles Poll - Phase 2, Round 3

    Welcome to the Most Wanted Vehicles Poll, phase 2! The results of this new Most Wanted Vehicles poll will be delivered to Hasbro during Toy Fair in February '09.

    Taking the top results from phase 1's polls, here in phase 2 we will take the top choices from all those sources and, through your voting, find out which is the best of the best from all the sources! Round 1 gave us #s 1-5:
    [FONT=Arial] 1. Jabba the Hutt's Sail Barge
    2. AT-AT [scaled to larger, more accurate cockpit]
    3. Twin-pod Cloud Car
    4. AT-ST [ROTJ, larger redesign, differs from ESB design]
    5. Y-wing Starfighter (Clone Wars version)[/FONT]
    Round 2 gave us #s 6-10:
    [FONT=Arial]6. Speeder Bike [redesigned to modern quality, with clear flight stand]
    7. Y-Wing Fighter [ANH, larger redesign, working droid slot]
    8. Slave I [larger redesign with repaint in mind for both ESB and AOTC verisons]
    9. Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
    10. Tantive IV (aka Rebel Blockade Runner)[/FONT]
    Here's how it works: each person votes for their top 5 vehicles, at the end of each round the most popular 5 entries will be skimmed off the top to make their places in the master list. For the subsequent round, the next runners-up from their respective polls will be put into play. So let's get to it...

    Phase 2, Round 3

    To vote in this poll, post your ranked top 5 list in the order that you most wish to see them made.
    Please choose from the list below (write-ins are no longer accepted):

    Vote now, and thanks for participating!

    This poll will close at 11:59pm PST on Tuesday, December 23rd.

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    MWV 2008, phase 2, Round 3

    #1 Sandcrawler [total redesign, larger] A modified scale sandcrawler would be nothing but awesome, especially if executed like the 2008 Falcon. Long did my horde of jawas suffer a life of appliance box styrofoam forms as their only home. Finally some dignity, and a convenient place to store what has become a sea of droid parts.
    #2 TIE Defender Loved the game series.Would love a scale Defender even more.
    #3 TIE Interceptor [redesigned for accurate cockpit & wings] A favorite of mine from ROTJ.
    #4 IG-2000 [IG-88's ship] Just because. Bounty hunters are awesome, and pretty much so is everything about them.
    #5 Imperial Star Destroyer If it were possible to do with any justice, it would be number one. It makes the cut on the dream alone.
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    1. Gungan Sub (Bongo)
    2. Clone Turbo Tank (aka Juggernaut)
    3. The Twilight
    4. Droid Gunship
    5. Lars Family Landspeeder (V-35 Courier)
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    This is the first time i'm voting in the vehicle polls I think, and I pretty much would be happy with most of these, although I'm not a big vehicle collector. If these were made however, I would probably buy them:

    1. Rickshaw w/ Droid
    2. Gungan Bongo Sub
    3. Asajj Ventress's Fanblade starfighter
    4. IG-2000
    5. IG Lancer droid's speeder
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    1. Sandcrawler
    2. Theta Class Shuttle
    3. Rebel Transport
    4. Imperial Landing Craft
    5. Chiss Clawcraft

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    1. TIE Interceptor
    2. TIE Fighter redesign
    3. Snowspeeder
    4. Ewok Battlewagon
    5. Imperial Star Destroyer
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    1. TX-130 Saber-class Tank (aka IFT-X, Republic Fighter Tank)
    2. Ewok Battlewagon
    3. LAAT/c
    4. Rebel Transport
    5. Droid Gunship
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    1. Escape Pod (from Tantive IV) [larger redesign, working top hatch]
    2. Rebel Transport
    3. Lars Family Landspeeder (V-35 Courier)
    4. Imperial Star Destroyer
    5. Snowspeeder [redesigned with accuracy and all features]

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    Lars Family Landspeeder (V-35 Courier)
    TIE Defender
    IG-2000 [IG-88's ship]
    Imperial Landing Craft
    Gungan Sub (Bongo)

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    1. Droid Gunship
    2. MTT


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