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    Star Wars Encyclopedia

    (with autographed bookplate label)

    Our Price: $109.99

    Available only to Hyperspace members.

    If you are a member, click here to sign in, then refresh the page, to enable add to cart button.

    And because several of the authors currently share Lucasfilm's Presidio campus with StarWarsShop, customers purchasing Star Wars Encyclopedia online through SWShop will receive an exclusive signed edition by all seven authors!
    The signed Star Wars Encyclopedia will be available nowhere else, unless you are able to get your book signed in person.

    Ok, so I bought this online from thinking that, hey, it would be cool to have an autographed copy. So instead of buying it from the local bookstore and not paying shipping or buying it from for $75.00, I decide that paying $109.00 plus shipping is worth it for an autographed copy.

    So what shows up in the mail? The book, shrink wrapped just like I would get from the store and an Avery label sheet with the autographs on it. I suppose this is what passes for a "bookplate label." Hardly how I'd describe a book that is "autographed"... to be handed a book and another sheet of paper with the signatures on it? Seriously?

    Any suggestions on what to do with this ridiculous situation? Let it go or raise my ire?

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    I'd e-mail them and b**** them out, but it probably won't go anywhere. That really is quite lame of them. Unfortunately, after attending one of their "fan appreciation breakfasts" a couple of years back, the lengths that Lucasfilm will go to squeeze money out of fans doesn't shock me anymore.

    I bought a copy of the collected Bone series at Comic-Con from the CBLDF a few years ago, and they had Jeff Smith's signature on a separate card. But that was because Smith didn't want to sign the book itself because he thought people would be less likely to read an autographed copy, and it cost the same as it would in a bookstore. Plus, it was a specially-made print of a Bone sketch that was signed. So a totally different situation, but, still, that's the closest thing I've ever heard of.
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    I would return the POS to them and tell them to Go F*** themselves
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    I had Steve Sansweet autograph a copy of one of his books, but I had to buy it, this after I played "Stormtrooper" at a toy store apperance for invited guests only. I stood there in my armor as eye candy for the presentation. At least he signed the book.
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    You could re-sell it via online auction as "rare." Or trade it here at SSG for a carded (mint! ) POTF2 Malakili figure and Jar Jar alarm clock.

    Seriously, sorry to hear about all that. The return-and-complain route might be the best.

    Speaking of this tome, I've seen it (and its hefty cover price), liked it, but am hoping for a drop in cost like the SW Vault.
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    That's pretty bogus. If you want the auto, then I guess keep it and complain, but I'd be mad enough to ask for 100% of my money back (including shipping fees), they can keep their awesome sticker sheet of signatures.
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    I sent a message to their customer service (not really expecting a real response).

    It appears that this signature edition is sold out, so I can't possibly be the only out in the world who opened the box and exclaimed, "WTF?!"

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    Did anyone else get this? I did and think it's quite awesome. I've already noticed a few errors (mostly to do with The Clone Wars, but that's almost to be expected) but it's overall quite amazing.
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    I saw it at Waldenbooks today, but I thought I would check to see if it was at Costco since they often have books cheaper there. Did not see it there. I plan to get it sometime though.

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    I've not seen SW books at Costco for a couple of years.
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