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    I Just Watched All 6 Of The SW Movies And My Current Favorite Is:

    Episode 6: Return of the Jedi.

    My favorite SW movie can varry, but right now I'd watch "Jedi" over and over again. It was a great movie with Jabba the Hutt, Ewoks, Luke facing the Sith in his father and the Emperor, and a land and space battle all going on at the same time!

    Plus speederbikes! It was a great film.

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    I do indeed love Jedi. I haven't watched it in sometime either. It's got it's rather boring parts (Dagobah and most of the Ewok scenes spring to mind) but the space battles are amazing (I'd seriously have to say that they're better than the battles in TPM and ROTS) and I do like the forest battle.
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    I love all six but haven't seen them in quite some time. On break, though, I'll be doing another six-movie all-day marathon.

    ROTJ was my favorite when I was younger (before the prequels, anyway), probably since it had the most cool aliens and ships and whatnot. I still love the emotional moments involving Luke and Vader, and pretty much this entire arc in ROTJ, but some of the staging during the fights and action sequences is distracting at times. It's probably not the best of the series; for me, that designation goes to either ROTS or ESB (with ROTS being my overall favorite).
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    Jedi was my favorite when I was younger. Over time it bacame ESB.

    I will have to sit down and watch them all again.
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    Jedi was my favorite growing up as a kid and watching it over and over again. loved the look of Luke's green lightsaber. favorite scene is final lightsaber duel and the space battle, the score of the music always sends chills down my spine.

    however for the best of all 6 will always be Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. just the battle on Hoth and the duel at Cloud City, for me that's the only movie i will really watch over and over and over and over again.

    my order would go something like this:

    Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
    Episode VI : Return of the Jedi
    Episode III : Revenge of the Sith - Execute Order 66 I still get emotional watching those scenes
    Episode IV : A New Hope
    Episode II : Attack of the Clones
    Episode I : The Phantom Menace
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    I'm a fan of Episode 4, has always been my favorite, My introduction to Stormtroopers, the droids, Jawas, Sandpeople, Obi Wan, Vader, Tarkin. Maybe it's because it was my first, and they say you'll never forget your first!
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    Right on, Tycho. Jedi as always been my favorite. I think that ANH and TESB are probably "better" films, but Jedi has always been my favorite. Ewoks and all.

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    My favorite is TPM. I have this shaky end table and the TPM DVD helps it stop from wobbling.

    I used AOTC and ROTS as toilet paper. They weren't very good in that capacity either.

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    Jedi is a great film. I disagree with all the haters; the emotional impact of the final battle makes up for any of its supposed shortcomings.
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    Even when you watch the whole 6 movie saga, Return of the Jedi delivers the climatic finale that you'd expect from this sort of epic.


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