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    SideShow Rebel Fleet Trooper Has Arrived

    I just got him the other day but picked him up from my apartment management office today. I finally opened him and found time to appreciate this figure. He seems nicely done.

    They sent a very tight box. All his accessories are in the tray with him instead of in a separate tray that folds out when you open his box.

    It would appear they anticipate him being less popular or a figure that they don't want to incur as much costs with. I'm not sure. But they can certainly re-release this figure with a different head and I'd buy another one.

    The pictures on the box are great. Everyone loves the opening battle on the Tantive IV that started Star Wars going for all of us. It makes me want to buy stormtroopers and Vader to fight this guy. A 12" Blockade Runner battle scene would look incredible. But darn that would be expensive with SideShow!

    Anyway, I haven't opened the rest of the figure yet and posed him, but fortunately he is wearing his gunbelt in the box. Others and myself included had trouble with Han Solo's gunbelt strap breaking (the leg tie-down strap). This figure does not appear to have a tie-down strap for his leg. Han had more of an intentional gunslinger look to him anyway.

    But so far as I've gotten with the figure, I'm very satisfied and would welcome the chance to buy a 2nd, different head sculpt on him. This figure is of the old, distinguished dude, "Pello Scrambas," but no where on the packaging is that crazy name. (Unfortunately I'm getting used to it. Anyone here want to name their first-born Pello Scrambas? Do I hear any takers?)

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    Do you pretty much buy all the Star Wars Sideshow figures Tycho? What about the Medicom ones?
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    No. I usually only buy the SideShow figures that Hasbro never made in their 12" line -but I'm even more discriminating than that.

    I like some Medicom figures, but they are too over-priced and I really don't think 12" figures are worth more than $20, but I know SideShow (though over-priced, too) has to make up for a more limited market due to less interest. $40 or $50 figures would make practical sense. The Medicom figures are also under-sized. They are actually more like 11" figures so they don't display well with other large-scale action figures. So I won't be buying any.

    But anyway, I created the thread "SideShow Wish List" because I decided what characters from all sources, EU included, I'd want 12" figures for. I sort of based it off Hasbro's "made and most-wanted lists." But those are the SideShow figures I'd buy. If they offer anything on my pre-determined "want list," I order from them. Admiral Piett wasn't on that list, for example, so I'm not planning to purchase him. Aayla Secura was though - and she's on my bookcase right now.

    Also, I occasionally have to get a better version of a character when Hasbro really screwed up. Bespin Han was a disappointment from SideShow, too. That sucked because Hasbro made 2 really ugly Han figures (Carbonite Han was the other using that face sculpt). I also bought Ep. 3 Anakin since he's displayed dueling my E3 Obi-Wan (one of SideShow's BEST). The Hasbro E3 Anakin was in the Ultimate Darth Vader set which was horrifying. I own it, but plan to use the burnt, after-Mustafar head, since you can't really screw that up by employing a bad sculpter.

    Other than that, like I said, I'll be buying characters that can go in the groups of dudes from certain scenes that I want to display. My Rebel Fleet Trooper (and I want a second with a different head) will go with Hasbro's Wedge, Admiral Ackbar, and R2-A6, and hopefully a SideShow Lando Calrissian "General's outfit," to assemble some Rebels in a pre-Death Star II (Endor) assualt briefing. Han, Luke, Leia, and Chewie will be absent, but I might consider adding A-wing, B-wing, and Y-wing pilots if SideShow made them. 21-B could go with this group, but I'd rather put him in some kind of Bacta Tank or "post-Bespin hand repair" scene with FX-7 if the medical droids are ever made. But I might even buy two 21-B's for that reason. He'd make a cool figure.

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    Ugh, that's tacky, how could they not do a 5th-panel box for a figure??? I know they think $70 is a cheap figure these days, but up until now I think all the figures have been 5th-panel boxes and only the accessory sets like the probe droids have been without those. Even the previous exclusive trooper figures have been like that. Wait, I forgot about Cmdr. Praji, the Imperial Officer, he was also lacking that box, but he was $10 less too.
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    Yeah, I wouldn't ordinarily care about the box. I'd set out the figure and put the box in storage. But I'm paying so much for any of the SideShow figures that I do order, that I feel cheated when they cut corners on their costs.

    Still, I'd rather have had more accessories to a figure or something of that nature.

    I'm not sure what MORE a Rebel Fleet Trooper could come with though. An empty Stormtrooper helmet from "a kill?" However, an alternate head within the packaging would have been awesome. A person wanting to army-build these guys (for me at 12" prices - that means just 2 of them) would still have to order two figures to have two bodies to put the heads on. Just the same, if they offer another head on the same figure, I'll order that because I'd need the body anyway. In that way, it's NOT a good extra accessory except for folks who don't want to wait to army-build.

    But they offered 3 (Three) Endor Rebel Troopers at the same time.

    I wonder what they'll do for:

    Hoth Rebels (beard or goatee, no beard)
    Bespin Guards (Asian, black, white with mustache)
    Naboo Security (black, white)
    Naboo Royal Guards (black, Hispanic with mustache, white)
    Senate Guards (I'd buy 1 if it weren't terribly outclassing Hasbro's)
    Death Star Troopers (I'm good with Hasbro's)

    I think making the officer ranks as characters (Praj, maybe several others, as long as they include the lower ranks besides Imperial "heroes" like Piett, Jerjerrod, Veers, Needa, Tarkin, Motti, Tagge, etc. will suffice. I might buy one if I need him (Veers is on my want-list I think). You know: I might reconsider Piett, too. I really like him.

    Anyway, I'd buy the above in probably 2 variations. 3 if it worked for the group scene I'm setting up.

    My best Imperial thing is The Emperor, Vader, Tarkin, and a Royal Guard. I'd most like to add a 2nd Royal Guard to this group and might go on eBay to find a Hasbro one to match the other that I have. He came in a 2-pack with the talking 12" Emperor. I wonder how Piett would be being added to this scene. He was a CAPTAIN and not an Admiral when Tarkin was alive. I'm not sure if I'd really care with making my display. I'm sure that around ANH's time, Vader and Tarkin were both present before the Emperor TOGETHER, as we saw that in ROTS. But my "scene" is completely EU and my own creation. I really liked Hasbro's talking 14" Vader figure (with removeable helmet) from Ep. 6. I bought 3 of those and ended up owning 5 I think, because he was recycled without electronics in the 2 pack with split-apart Darth Maul 12" and as the E3 Ultimate Darth Vader, whom I originally bought to serve as my 12" Anakin Skywalker seeing as how before SideShow, I didn't have any good choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    The Medicom figures are also under-sized. They are actually more like 11" figures so they don't display well with other large-scale action figures. So I won't be buying any.

    Well, not to get too side-tracked, but just for the record, the Medicom clone troopers, including the Shocktrooper and 501st legion are definitely not under-sized. The stormtroopers definitely are. The clone troopers measure up with the Sideshow figures, including Anakin.
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    I'm expecting this one to arrive sometime next week. From the pictures I've seen, that sculpt looks dead-on and painted well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    The pictures on the box are great. Everyone loves the opening battle on the Tantive IV that started Star Wars going for all of us. It makes me want to buy stormtroopers and Vader to fight this guy. A 12" Blockade Runner battle scene would look incredible. But darn that would be expensive with SideShow!
    I'd settle for a section of wall and floor from the Blockade Runner for a display like the Han/Carbonite one they are doing. It would be a very versatile display area, for everything from Vader, Leia, Stormtroopers, Antilles, RFT's and hopefully more...

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    Got mine as well as Ki Adi. Gonna open them as soon as I dust my others.
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    Great mine today!
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    I received my Rebel trooper on the 19th and am very happy with it. The collar is a little sloppy and the helmet is a bit larger than the proto pics suggested, but all-in-all, I am very happy with it. I am especially happy that they used this particular character - always thought it would look distinctive.

    I was concerned when the figures box was not protected within its shipping container, but it arrived mint. I am personally happy with the collector box - since they all match externally with this current look, the interior of it is less concerning to myself

    Based on how much I like this piece, I ordered the Antilles...but did it thru - for $63, that is a pretty nice price....

    Just ordered the Endor dudes for $35 each from a board memeber on Sideshow Collectors site....getting all the original trilogy pieces at this point...

    Vader and stormie cannot get here fast enough!
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