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    The Best Packaging Ever?

    Well, I just got to thinking, as I consider weeding through my collection there is one packaging collection from which I must have one of everything.

    The Original Trilogy Collection, a.k.a. OTC.

    I can't help myself, I love the packaging from this collection, it is hands down my favorite collection in the modern line.

    So how about it, what is your favorite collection?
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    I would agree. Not just for the look, but for the fact that they fit together well when storing them. POTF2, POTJ and Episode I had varying bubble sizes that made it more difficult to store them nicely in a box. Saga 2002-2004 were good that way too (except for Ephant Mon), but I didn't like the look of the cards as much as the OTC look. I don't like the curved bubbles of ROTS and the current figures. TSC cards weren't quite as bad, and had a card design similar to OTC. I like the looks of the current cards better than the ROTS design.

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    I'd have to pick the vintage "VOTC" packaging first and foremost. Plus, with all this talk about wasteful packaging creating too much trash, I think the tiny "coffin blisters" of the vintage style cards are really the best solution. The clamshells? Not so much. Hasbro could ditch that feature and I wouldn't complain at all.

    As for truly modern package designs (not recreations), then I would have to agree that 2004's OTC collection was the best ever. Last year's 30th Anniversary collection comes in a close second, mainly because I really love the large character-specific artwork on each card.

    I really hate the bullet-shaped packaging of the Ep3, Clone Wars and Legacy collections. I prefer my cards to be stackable.
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    The OTC is the best visually - especially as a full set, however I have to go with the POTF2 packaging as all around best. It was attractive but simple, granted the bubble sizes changed but you could always put two packaged figures together and it practically kept the same width/length dimensions. They should really switch back to this as many figures being released today could fit in a standardized POTF2-style bubble quite easily.

    What I find most annoying is that they solved the inability to stack problem with the TAC line...and destroyed the achievement completely with Legacy.
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    VOTC is the best. OTC second. Pretty similar though, but I like the retro look and ease of storage.

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    Thanks, SK, for allowing me the opportunity to make a list (LISTS... :drool: ).
    10. Power of the Jedi
    9. Shadows of the Empire
    8. Clone Wars (either cartoon or "life-like" version)
    7. Power of the Force2 (photographs, not "holograms" )
    6. Revenge of the Sith
    5. Episode I
    4. Legacy/Clone Wars
    3. Original Trilogy Collection
    2. Original Trilogy Collection: Vintage
    1. 30th Anniversary
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    It all goes in the trash, so I don't care. I do think POTJ was probably the best; it didn't look nicest, but the generic cards shaved off a bit of production costs, and it showed in the figures.
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    TAC is probably my choice, despite my distaste for the elements and die-cutting. Ultimately, the big artworks offsetting the figure on the card works nicely, the shape has a modern Star Warsy feel, they crammed some big stuff into those bubbles, the bubbles were offset like the original vintage line but had room for poses and accessories, and the SW logo was prominent without overshadowing the art. Plus, it had good use of color and it showed off the nifty pack-in coins pretty well.

    Nobody has love for TSC, despite it's attempt to modernize the classic vintage and OTC look.
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    That first set of 12 are the only carded figs I have on display. They represent both eras of my SW collecting days from vintage to modern. I didn't collect the line beyond that first set though.

    I also have that Early Bird kit replica from 2005 on display. Nice vintage artwork on that thing.


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