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    Merry Christmas Everyone....

    My haul:

    Target Exclusive Cobra Rattler (Brother-in-Law)
    Target Exclusive Clone Wars Obi Wan and Clones Set (Santa)
    Target Exclusive Clone Wars Yoda and Coruscant Guard Set (Santa)
    AT-TE (wife- gotta love her...she rocks)
    Star Wars Republic Commando Triple Zero and Order 66 (parents)
    DVD's : Clone Wars, Hellboy II, Crystal Skull (Uncle)
    Indiana Jones Monopoly (brother-in-law)
    Clone Wars Clone Trooper Helmet (Wife, this thing is the funniest toy ever)
    Wii Games : Quantum of Solace,Cruisin,Lego Star Wars Complete,Spiderman Web of Shadows, wii blaster attachment with Link's Crossbow training game
    Clothes, Tools (power tools rule), candy, matchbox cars, Galactic Heroes Single pack figures (Darth Vader,Red Battle Droid,Bossk, Green Clone Trooper)

    only have to return the Lego Star Wars game which is not so bad, can return it and get Mario Cart or Something)
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    I got the BMF from my family - though I'd known about it since October. Finally!

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    Absolutley nothing,

    Brandon got his AT-TE & tons of figures. I elected to buy nothing as I have to buy a new car. The Passat is a write off as the wife smashed er up.

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    Shirts, socks, a sweater, couple knit sweatshirts
    White Star Wars "ring" t-shirt with classic ANH Luke/Leia poster art
    Insulated running pants and two nylon running jackets

    Toys & Games
    LEGO Star Wars Rogue Shadow
    LEGO Pirates Kraken Attackin'
    LEGO Pirates Soldier's Arsenal
    Scene It Pirates of the Caribbean DVD Game

    Hallmark Indiana Jones ornament
    Indiana Jones KotCS 2009 calendar

    I got one golf shirt I didn't like so that's the only thing I'll be returning/exchanging this year.

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    Star Wars stuff
    The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia (freakin' awesome)
    Battle at the Sarlacc Pit battle pack
    Battle of Christophsis battle pack
    ARC-170 (Clone Wars variant)
    Yoda & Coruscant Guard battle pack
    Assault at the B'omarr Monastery battle pack
    Shield Generator Assault battle pack
    Clone Wars figures - all of wave 3, Odd Ball, Super Battle Droid
    TLC figures - Bail, Breha, FX-6, 327th Star Corps Trooper
    Leia/Xizor comic pack
    Thrawn/Talon Karrde comic pack
    Clone Wars 2009 calendar

    Other stuff
    The Complete Making of Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones Cairo Ambush battle pack
    Dark Knight 2-disc DVD
    Queen - The Works CD
    The Tales of Beedle the Bard
    blue/green shirt
    $25 AMC movie card
    $15 Barnes & Noble card

    Stuff for other family members that are cool
    Casablanca DVD
    Citizen Kane DVD
    Guitar Hero World Tour
    Rock Band (full game, it works with GH and was $90 less expensive)
    Queen - Jazz CD

    And the best:

    ShamWow full set of 8 towels

    And things I'm probably forgetting. It was a pretty great haul. There's still several SW figures my parents have been buying but I didn't get since there was already a lot, so I'll likely be using some of the money for that.
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    Between my wife* and I, we got the new Toni Morrison book, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, two awesome kitchen knives, a set of Ramones CDs, the Bourne trilogy, and money.

    And we're the only people in existence with a Wii who received Guitar Hero (from her entire family--her brothers convinced her mom to go in on it) and would rather have gotten socks. I actually need socks, not a snigtarded drum set that takes up the whole f'ing living room. (Unfortunately, returning the damn POS game would make it really obvious to her family, and probably make her mom p***ed at her brothers for convincing her we'd love it. And we both suspect it's really a gift from them, for them when they visit. After all, they opened it, and enjoy the silly "match the color" garbage that I can play on my daughter's games for a lot cheaper.)

    *--Only listing stuff for her that's kewl.
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    Man, that's probably more stuff than what I would get as a kid. I've yet to see that SW Encyclopedia, but I'll pick it up as soon as I can. Been kind of snowed in for nearly two weeks.

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    I got:

    Dagger Squadron B-Wing
    Lars Family Homestead
    Xizor - Leia Comic pack
    Clone Wars figs (Clone, Holo Greivous, SBD, Odd Ball)
    A new display cabinet from Ikea (Defolt?)
    Socks (yeah!)
    My son wrapped up my old socks and undies as a gift too.
    Case of Sleeman beer
    Crossword book.
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    PlayStation 3 80 GB
    PlayStation 3 Remote Control
    Grand Theft Auto IV PS3
    Farm Fresh Giftcard
    Subway Giftcard
    Turtle Wax ICE gift pack

    Needless to say, it was a pretty kicka** Christmas!!!
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    I got some decent stuff this year.

    Wall-E DVD
    Step Brothers 2-Disc DVD
    Prince Caspian 2-Disc DVD
    Family Guy Vol. 6
    Lost Season 4
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 6
    Futurama: Bender's Game
    Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360)
    Fable II (Xbox 360)
    Call of Duty: World at War (Xbox 360)
    The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama
    The Tales of Beedle the Bard
    The Dark Knight soundtrack (random, but I like it)
    The Dark Knight Joker T-shirt (has him with the pencil, says "How about a magic trick?")
    The Dark Knight 2009 calendar
    Assorted gift cards (Barnes and Noble, AMC Theaters)

    The only Star Wars stuff I got was the TLC ROTS wave.
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