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    2008 Christmas hauls, or what did you get?

    Well, it is just after midnight, so I don't know what I'm getting just yet. Last year it was the interactive R2, this year who knows. I thought I would beat everyone to the punch and post this thread on your Christmas gifts recieved, or given!
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    I've only gotten 2 Christmas cards and no gifts. That's exactly how I wanted it. I told everyone to get me nothing so I wouldn't have to be reminded that it was Christmas. Christmas is by far my favorite day of the year and the season is the greatest time but being stuck over here with nobody and nothing I didn't want to be reminded that I'm 7,000 miles from home.
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    I've been up for about 2 hours, just surfing around the digital web world. And if I get a surfboard, with all the rain outside, I might actually be able to catch a wave. No gifts opened as yet.
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    Got clothes (shirts, pants, etc for work)
    Books (mainly US History)
    A $50 gift card to Best Buy
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    Well, it's 11:31 a.m. and my stepkids just got here, woke my son up, but my wife is making breakfast (brunch?), and we have yet to open our presents, so nothing to report yet.

    I'm drinking some god awful coffee, with after taste to it, blah!
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    I had a pretty solid christmas haul: new digital camera, some DVD's, a good amount of $$, a gift card to best buy (already used), and some books including the new Toni Morrison, and JOKER by Brian Azzrello (sp?) and Lee Bermejo.
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    got some Metalocalypse- but that was a couple weeks ago... so far haven't even seen another person all day....

    Nice and quiet
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    I'll not list (LISTS... :drool: ) everything, but the highlights

    Star Wars:
    - Lego pen
    - Greedo bobblehead
    - Vader gloves (not like his costume, but stretch ones with his face of back of hand)

    - glowing carved crystal (Steelers)
    - Steelers History DVD (2... get to return one)
    - musical stocking Steelers ornament

    - Mark Twain's travels book (only book I received; odd)
    - various shirts, sweaters, pants
    - "family" laptop (to share at home)
    - air compressor
    - shoulder bag (for school, current one's gettin' old)
    - Simpsons ornament
    - various DVDs
    - various "Serenity Prayer" stuff
    - couple gift cards (Target, Costco)

    A nice, relaxing late morning. Merry Christmas, everyone!
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    My wife and I just woke from our nap, waiting for the kids movie to end before we go tackle dinner. Anyhew, I got the following:

    4 pairs of socks
    a chocolaty crispy Santa
    A pack of clone wars cards
    A magnetic "to do" list
    A penguin scrub
    A pair of black gloves
    a package of underwear
    A bears travel grooming kit (black leather toiletry kit with Bears "c" on it)
    A Batman movie (well a coupon for it, the store told them they wouldn't give her the money back if she got the wrong version, wide screen as opposed to full screen")
    A "Obsessed with Star Wars" book
    A Darth Vader head candle

    I also got my wife a 12" Jesus action figure! ( I found it to be halarious, and almost passed out from laughter)
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    Much needed clothes (some for work but mostly casual) from Mrs. TI7

    Book Darwin's War by L. N. Smith, MD (about the 416th Bombardment Group in WWII) from my son.

    Yoda bobble head from Santa
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