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I've only gotten 2 Christmas cards and no gifts. That's exactly how I wanted it. I told everyone to get me nothing so I wouldn't have to be reminded that it was Christmas. Christmas is by far my favorite day of the year and the season is the greatest time but being stuck over here with nobody and nothing I didn't want to be reminded that I'm 7,000 miles from home.
Sorry to hear that, Seaman Buzzkill. Did they do anything for the holiday on the boat at least?

My dad decided to repeat his ruining of Thanksgiving for Christmas, I got in his face over it and nearly threw down but instead walked out, my sister and mom talked me into coming back, he acted like nothing happened but remained a tool.

Here's what I got, besides a rise in adrenaline:
- Isotoner driving gloves
- 22" Envision LCD widescreen monitor
- 320gb 2.5" hard drive (gonna put it in my laptop, and put its 80gb drive in my 40gb PS3)
- Metallica ...And Justice for All, and Ride the Lightning
- Blade Runner 5-disc Blu Ray
- Batman Begins Blu Ray
- Carrie Fisher: Wishful Drinking
- PS3 Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
- Cookies, brownies, and rice crispy squares made by my sister
- A Christmas Story 22" leg lamp
- Arrested Development complete series on DVD (thanks to Amazon gold box, it was just under $30 so my mom ordered it as a stocking stuffer)
- new PC (3ghz dual core, 2gb of RAM, 500gb HD, 512mb video card, 600w power supply, multi card reader, new copy of XP), I'm not using this yet as it needs to have XP reinstalled, the installation called the HD "H:" instead of "C:" and I have a couple programs that won't take to that.