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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi_Kal-El View Post
    It not just the sight of electric sex in the window. It's the sight of electric sex gleaming in the window.
    No, it's not just the sight of electric sex gleaming in the window, it's so all the neighborhood (and sure, even the neighbourhood, as well) can see it, too. :fragileit'sItalian:
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    Awesome, JT! If time permits, please post a picture! I triple dog dare you! I have the Hallmark ornament of the lamp issued last year and love it (given by Mrs. TI7)! I've never known of the lamp being offered in that size!
    I saw a replica lamp for sale at a local Christmas store and almost gave into the temptation of buying it when I realized that I would seriously crimp my budget. I guess the ornament is the next best thing.

    Anyway, here is my booty:

    • A pocket watch with fob (to replace the two I have lost or had damaged in a year)

    • CDs by Billy Joel (Cold Spring Harbor, the last CD I needed from his collection that I started way back in 1996) and John Mellencamp.

    • A nice dress shirt, socks, and sweater vest for teaching.

    • Books, assorted

    • Chocolates
    • Gift Cards to Best Buy

    And the only Star Wars Items were the:

    • New Clone Wars DVD

    • Hallmark Jedi Duel Ornament
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    This may inspire someone to create a thread for the '09 hauls, once this week leading up to Christmas is over. El Chuxter, have you seen the outdoor toys called Chux? Like badminton, or a velcro mutt toss. Are you getting royalties for them?
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    Here's a product shot, Chux TM.
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    "That's what Sheev said."

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    That's awesome Bel-Cam, I think Chuz should see an attorney about getting himself a share of what they got coming to them.
    2012 RFL Thank You to, TeeEye7 & Slicker!!!!
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