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    Most Wanted Vehicles Poll - Phase 2, Round 5

    Welcome to the Most Wanted Vehicles Poll, phase 2! The results of this new Most Wanted Vehicles poll will be delivered to Hasbro during Toy Fair in February '09. This is the final vote in the Most Wanted Vehicles Poll!

    Taking the top results from phase 1's polls, here in phase 2 we will take the top choices from all those sources and, through your voting, find out which is the best of the best from all the sources! [FONT=Arial]
    [/FONT]Here's how it works: each person votes for their top 5 vehicles, at the end of each round the most popular 5 entries will be skimmed off the top to make their places in the master list. For the subsequent round, the next runners-up from their respective polls will be put into play. So let's get to it...

    Phase 2, Round 5

    To vote in this poll, post your ranked top 5 list in the order that you most wish to see them made.
    Please choose from the list below (write-ins are no longer accepted):

    Vote now, and thanks for participating!

    This poll will close at 11:59pm PST on Tuesday, January 6th.

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    This is it, the final round, the last step, the finishing touch on the Most Wanted Vehicles list!

    Here's my votes:

    1. Virago [Prince Xizor's starfighter]
    2. AT-ST [Hoth design, differs from ROTJ design]
    3. Jabba's Skiff [larger redesign]
    4. Republic Attack Shuttle (aka Nu-class Attack Shuttle)
    5. TIE Fighter [redesigned for accuracy and better features, sound effects]
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    1. Clone Turbo Tank (aka Juggernaut)
    2. The Twilight
    3. Dooku's Solar Sailer
    4. Lars Family Landspeeder (V-35 Courier)
    5. Geonosis execution cart with Orray
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    The Twilight
    Virago [Prince Xizor's starfighter]
    TIE Interceptor [redesigned for accurate cockpit & wings]
    TIE Phantom
    Death Star

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    1. Larger Skiff
    2. Hoth AT-ST
    3. TIE Interceptor
    4. TIE Fighter
    5. Ewok Battlewagon
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    Ewok Battlewagon
    Imperial Landing Craft
    Republic Attack Shuttle
    Geonosian Execution cart with Orray
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    TIE Fighter [redesigned]
    9000 Z001 landspeeder
    Ewok Battlewagon
    Jabba's Skiff [larger redesign]
    AT-ST [Hoth design]
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    1. The Executor (Super Star Destroyer)
    2. Death Star
    3. Jabba's Skiff [larger redesign]
    4. TIE Phantom
    5. Dooku's Solar Sailer

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    1. TIE Phantom
    2. Chiss Clawcraft
    3. Dooku's Solar Sailer
    4. Asajj Ventress’ Fanblade Starfighter
    5. Virago
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    1) IG-2000 [IG-88's ship]

    2) Virago [Prince Xizor's starfighter]
    3) Clone Turbo Tank (aka Juggernaut)
    4) MTT (Multi-Troop Transport)

    5) CR20 Troop Carrier


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