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    2009 Ultimate Galactic Hunt?

    Has anyone heard any rumors of a UGH for 2009? I was really disappointed in there not being one for last half of 2008 (not counting the First Day stickers).

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    I haven't heard anything. It kind of petered out and I hope they don't do anything like that this year. Er, I actually don't care since I just ignored the other ones.
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    Yeah, let's hope it's permanently dead. The 2006 Lucas Trooper figure was alright, but I was never interested in him. For 2007, all we got was coins, and 2008 ended up as a fiasco with a mail-away figure that was actually released on shelves before the mail-away figure ever arrived (I know there were deco changes, but that's beside the point).
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    Actually, I was hoping more for the actual UGH figures (ie, gold coin figures vs. silver coins; silver pewter pack-in holos vs. blue/red holos). Not necessarily the mail-in's.

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    The only UGH I even remotely cared for was the gold coins. Even then, I made little to no attempt to find all of them. All the other UGHs pretty much sucked.

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    i think i only acted in the UGH with the Gold Coins and perhaps the mail-aways. would love another exclusive figure to act on but that's it
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    No UGH for '09

    As i have spent lots of time salivating through the Hasbro "Q&A" posts, Hasbro did indicate they were NOT planning any UGH figures or promos for 2009. Of course it is Hasbro and that can change at the drop of a hat. And i always liked the little "extras" that we could get with the UGH promo. I for one got all of my Clone Wars Capt Rex figs before the general release, but was disappointed as well that they were really just repaints. Maybe next hunt.....

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    What was the mail away figure for 2008? And what was the UGH change? A gold coin?
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    The '08 mail away figure was a Clone Wars Captain Rex figure. It turned out he was just a repaint of the figure released later on. I don't remember which was which, but one was clean and the other was battle scuffed. And yeah, some figures were rereleased witha gold coin after their wave already came out. So if you had bought the figure already and didn't care, the UGH gold coins were an awful promotion.
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    are they doing any more UGH or mail aways...
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