April Scott is Daisy Duke! Wow.

This is a movie about their first adventure, when the Duke Boys have been bad and get sent to live on the farm for some hard work with their Uncle Jesse.

And Daisy just turns 18!

But Uncle Jesse is making moonshine and Daisy is fixing to seduce the general manager of The Boar's Nest so she can have a cocktail waitressing job and go out with the big city dude. Only he's not who he seems to be.

Meanwhile, Bo wants his driver's license and Luke wants to lose his virginity, and blow a lot of stuff up.

There are plenty of naked girls in this made-straight-for-DVD-movie, but it is worth renting!

I picked it out as soon as I saw April Scott on the cover in her Daisy Dukes.

And I wasn't disappointed.

You'll see Flash as a puppy. The origins of the General Lee - found at the bottom of a lake! (I thought it was a blue Dodge Charger that the boys painted and tuned up to enter in a race? I guess this movie changes that.)

The original engine for the General Lee was used to by Bo to drive a super-charged go-cart through his high school's girls' locker room! Nice scenery there!

I don't know, but I think this is a watch-a-second-time one for me!

It's also funny as hell to hear the Dukes cuss in this picture - as it's far more liberal than the old 80's TV show ever dared to get.