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    Are you people never happy?

    With the news that we're "finally" getting a Cmdr. Cody I thought I'd see posts abound about how happy people were to get this figure that 50% of every SW forum wanted but instead what do I hear? That he isn't SA. That his elbows aren't ball-jointed and he doesn't have posable ankles. Are you guys never happy?

    You guys b**ch and complain about Hasbro not hearing your pleas, then when it gets answered (and in a good way as the figure looks great) you find SOMETHING else to complain about because it isn't perfect and not made to YOUR specifications. It's getting really old and I find it hard to post in about 90% of the threads because they're threads that end up invariably bashing "Hasblo" and it gets real old real fast.

    Also everyone that complains about rehashes (I have probably done it as well) can quit any time too. Just because YOU have every release of every Bib Fortuna doesn't mean that the 15 year old kid that just saw this awesome movie called Return of the Jedi has one and I'm sure that when he goes looking for action figures of this movie and sees Bib on the shelves he'd be ecstatic to see him along with all of the other repacks (at least for us long timers). Believe it or not people there are more collectors than yourselves out there and also there are new ones coming to our side everyday so you've gotta think about them. Hasbro obviously does.

    Last complaint here is for the EU people. I've seen many posts whining about how "Hasbro doesn't like making EU figures" or "they don't hear our complaints". Well, if I'm not mistaken you guys are getting a brand new EU figure in the Cody wave and I have not heard word one about how great it is or that Hasbro has answered your call although when it comes out I totally expect to hear everyone of you complaining about how it isn't SA. I realize that you want more but to be honest not every fan reads EU nor does the new 15 year old fan that just saw the movies even realize that they make EU material (I know I have an extensive collection and I haven't read but maybe 6 or 7 EU books) and the market isn't nearly as big as it is for the movies.

    For all of you people that fall into the above catagories please for the love of God just get over it. Hasbro is doing the best it can to try and please the thousands of collectors out there. I for one am very pleased with the recent offerings that Hasbro is releasing and plan on buying one of each of the TSC figures. I have my complaints as well but I leave them where they belong and in the proper threads instead of spamming 20 different threads with a cut and paste bashing of how YOU don't like the figure. I read that since Cody has lines in the movie and actually has a part that he should be SA. Well, if that's the case then I want an SA Bib Fortuna as he had several speaking lines and played a critical role in the Rebels getting into Jabba's Palace.

    Come on now Hasblo. How can you guys drop the ball on MY SA Bib Fortuna. I'm really sick of how Hasblo doesn't hear my pleas for it. We all need one.
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    Wow, talk about a rant......
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    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    Wow, talk about a rant......
    Do I detect a note of Irony in this post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    Wow, talk about a rant......
    Well, it's been bugging me for some time. I never hear word one of how Hasbro did a good job with something. It's usually "it's about time" or something to that affect. It just gets old and doesn't make this forum thing fun when people constantly bash the product line that they worship.
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    Perhaps that is because some of us have distanced ourselves from Hasbro and are collecting higher quality offerings from Sideshow and Master Replicas now for the very reasons you've given, Slicker.

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    I try not to do too much b**ching on the boards. Slickster brings up good points though, I hear everyone saying how much they want a figure and as soon as it's not SA they go crying to there mamma's about it.
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    I have to agree with Slicker here. Most of the people on this forum just try to bash everything that comes out of hasbro. Cut hasbro some slack. They dont just produce Star Wars toys remember. I for one like all of the figures that have come out in this new line. I have gotten them all, even up to the Geonosis wave. And remember that not everybody was around or maybe not interested in Star Wars when the repack figures first came out. So this gives new people or people who missed these figures the first time around to get them. So all I have to say is quit your b****ing and realize that hasbro does not live to meet all of your demands.

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    I want my SA Yarna, darn it!

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    I do agree that there is alot of B****ing on in these threads, and I know that I have given my far share as well. I will say that if they can make some of the figures SA then why not all the time ?

    Also I am a huge EU fan and have been waiting the arrival of Scorch as well as the rumored Kir Kanos. My answer to all the complaints and negative comments on action figures, vehicles and etc is this "If you don't like the figure, don't buy it. Leave it for someone who wants it."
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    I can't help but agree with Slick also.
    Many of the things he pointed out are reasons I rarely post (or often skip) many of the collecting threads.
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