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    New Packaging Design for 2009

    Here's the link, from the official site.

    Love the look, especially the pictures. Very clear and large, reminds me of the TAC images a little. Still wish we could get some of that artwork on 8x10s . . .

    Anyway . . . what do you all think?
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    With walmart raising their prices for legacy and clone wars figures to $7.46 each, I may just pass. Its just too expensive now....

    Packaging is ok - has a kiddie, generic look to it.
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    I noticed the price increase too. Which will just make me more selective over which figures I buy.

    It almost looks like the figures will be sitting behind the card artwork, like a reversed clamshell. It's hard to tell from that picture.
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    I think that the card artwork is designed to just look 3D.

    At least some cool artwork representing the character instead of just a helmet with ROTS type card.

    Closer to the TAC theme which was a departure that most people ended up liking eventually.

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    i like the new artwork. i think the plain Stormtrooper/Clone Trooper helmets were alright but a major letdown after some of the fantastic artwork from the TAC line.

    is this artwork only for the Clone Wars line or is it also going to change for the Legacy and Legends line as well ?
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    Is this just for Clone wars (if so I don't need to worry about it,) or is it also for legacy figures? I wish they would go back to the OTC type cardbacks. Those were my absolute favorite.

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    The article says that it's for the whole line and that they worked with Hasbro and Lego to design it so I guess that means everything. I would like to see what the Legacy artwork will look like, not all the characters that are getting figures had good screen time (I'm looking at you space trooper) and if they give them some TAC style art that would be awesome.
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    I don't care about the packaging as much as I used to. I have opened up so many figures, and I feel better about collecting now. I have been selective dating back to last year, and I will continue as long as the price increase occurs. Yeah, I feel good about it all.
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    I think the price increase probably has more to do with when they bought for their raw materials on the commodities market. The last recession/slow down to hit, they raised prices at the begining but eventually lowered them.
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    Hasbro really needs to lower the prices. Hasbro makes things really cheap, they could still make a profit if these figures were $4.99


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