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    Do you stay inside when it is cold outdoors?

    I'm hybernating like Poppa-Bear!

    It's cold out there. And it's Friday night. But on top of not feeling too well, I don't want to be out in the cold.

    I'm very comfortable indoors with my heater on.

    Right now, I think I could stay here until summer time!

    Aside from it being lonely, I'm warm and healthier this way.

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    It's 12º F outside right now and I'm actually enjoying it; but I think I was built for the cold. I don't like being outside during the summer when it's too hot; but I look for reasons to go outside when it's cold like this.

    Of course, I try not to stay outside too long because I'm not interested in hypothermia, frostbite, or any of those other cold weather injuries.

    Your body also burns calories faster in the cold because it's trying to generate heat. That's why most people have an increased appetite (especially for sweets) during the winter.
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    I do stay inside during the winter cause it's too dang cold to go out and do antything.

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    I don't have much reason to go outside at this present time, so warm or cold it doesn't matter. Though, when I do wander my way outside I prefer it to be cold, and I absolutely hate going outside during the summer.

    The exception is if going outside involves manual labor, in which case I prefer spring or fall.
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    I was out delivering pizza's last night in temperatures that started at 5 above, and by the time I got off of work last night were at 4 below. Frigid.
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    I can't say anything about temperature when the lowest California seems to be dropping to is about the high 40's, if it even gets that low.

    But I'm a thin frame and am anemic on top of that, so the cold really bites me.

    California has no humidity in its heat, so I love the hot DRY air of the summer time here. The 70's are comfortable and the 80's are perfect. Right now, at least when the sun is out, that is exactly what the weather's like here, even now in January. But nighttime is another matter.

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    i stay indoors cuz i don't like the outdoors mostly

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    Nah, I'm from the chicago area and have been in the midwest all my life, so i'm used to frigid temps. The other morning when I woke up to head to teach, it was -8 outside and classes were still going on and people were out and about. I heard some folks complaining about it. It's cold, yes, deal with it.
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    Hot or cold, probably 90% of my work is outdoors. As much as I'd like to stay inside, I don't have a choice!
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    Well thankfully I work indoors at the television station....but the A/C is always it's chilly in here....then the summer it's just as chilly so even coming in out of the heat makes it kinda cold too.
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