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    Death Star Trooper

    These figures were part of the Hasbro purge, right? That means there are quite a few out there. Then why in the heck to places charge so much for them? If I could find them for $6 each, I'd pick up a couple. $10+ is just too much!
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    These figures had a very short run in stores, like the Ree Yees figures. They didn't go down in price until the Fan Club released them. Ten dollars isn't really that much for the figure, at least compared to the 60+ dollars they were going for at one time.

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    The great Hasbro purge!?!?


    Yeah, I heard a few rumors about these (DS Trooper/Ree-Yees) and the Fan Club 4, I think there were even rumors of the Expanded Universe figs.

    All for naught!!! I think people had an easier time finding the R2-D2 with holo Leia!

    I know I never saw 'em. And I haven't heard from anyone who did. What I did manage to find were endless Wuher, Obi-Wan Soft Goods, Qui-Gon Soft Goods, Battle Damaged Destroyer Droids. Which were HTF for a long time. Then BAM a dollar ninty-seven each! I'm glad I waited.

    Unfortunatly, the infamous Coll. 3 Freeze Frame figures will forever be high priced. Consider $10.00 a good price for anything from Coll.3! The list of great figures available ONLY in limited Coll.3 FF is indeed long:

    Death Star Trooper (an army builer no less)
    Pote Snitkin (Just a cool looking alien, IMHO)
    Death Star Droid
    Darth Vader with Removable Helmet (Best figure in the line)
    Captain Piett (Yet another great Imperial bad guy)
    Zuckuss (A Bounty Hunter)

    All are just a little too hard to find/expensive for my taste. Granted, the FC 4 can often be found for a bargain (4 for $30.00) But when you look at the price of the other stuff Hasbro cranked out in that line it's a little high.

    I think Hasbro OWES us, they should give us these through the fan club again, yeah that'll happen. OR they should give us new sculpts!

    Considering the aweful pose of the DS Trooper, I would welcome a new one. But Captain Piett was great and so were many of the others!!!

    Mark my words, Hasbro is doing it again. The new Imperial Officer and Bo Shek waves will be short lived, so grab 'em while you can! Hasbro could care less about the POTJ line right now, they're too wrapped up in EPII! They will underproduce like they do at the end of every line. And, they will OVER produce at the beginning of EPII like they do with every line.

    I can still find OC Bens, Hans, Lukes, etc. CHEAP! Just like EP1 Obi-Wan (Jedi Duel), Jar-Jar Binks, Padme', etc. CHEAP But just try finding those later wave, they sell for 5-10 times as much!

    Guess who's spending his money ensuring that he will have all the stuff from these last few waves (Carded AND Loose!)? EPII stuff will wait!
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    Death Star Trooper wasn't part of the great Hasbro Purge because The Fan Club had the right to sell him in a set with ReeYees at the time.
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    All I know is that I saw him in stores...and passed on getting him...thinking that I would get him at a later time for less. Well the next time I saw him for sale was at a specialty store for $45.00. Outch! I ain't paying that for any figure unless there's a couple 20 dollar bills included with him! I'll probably end up buying him online and paying $45.00 each Canadian after exchange, duty and shipping!
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    you can get them at Yestertoys for 14.00non mint Us price that is. That aint too bad

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    Ree Yees and DS Trooper were only released in one case assortment ever. Only about 50 thousand were made, and the fan club got a good chunk of them. At one point you could only get them through the fan club.

    $10 is an excellent price for either. I remember seeing them go for $50 a piece at one point.
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    I paid $35.00 before they hit the Fan Club, when the figure was scarce. Yep, ten bucks is cheap!
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    I consider myself lucky. I got DS Trooper, Ree-Yees, Zuckuss, Piett, Snitkin, Vader w/removable helmet all at my Wal-Mart for retail.
    They were all right there, calling my name.
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    I also got mine from the Fan Club though my friends got theirs on sale when the SOTE figs were also sold on sale at a TRU.

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